Recoil Off-Grid Magazine review of our IN-CASE Solar Water Purifier.

Written by JIM COBB on November 16, 2017

Make no mistake, this isn’t your granddad’s water filter. It is, however, one of the fastest and highest-capacity portable water filters this writer has ever seen.

The IN-CASE Water Filtration System was designed by Rich Gilbreath, one of the owners of a mom-and-pop prepper store called SHTF and Go, located in Burlington, Wisconsin. According to the manufacturer, when the IN-CASE is used properly, it’ll remove 99.999 percent of all bacteria, cysts, parasites, and heavy metals. And it does so with a flow rate of almost 1 gallon per minute. Weight and transportation issues aside, you could take a 55-gallon drum to your local pond or creek and fill it with filtered water in about an hour.

Many thanks to Jim Cobb for the great article.  Check out his amazing collection of books he’s authored. 


IN-CASE Solar Water Purifier Review
IN-CASE Solar Water Purifier Review

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