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Protect Electronics in a Faraday Cage


By Tricky

In the event of a nuclear strike or a solar flare an EMP or Electromagnetic pulse can be released frying circuits in electronic devices near the area.  A  Faraday cage is a box or device that protects all electrical items placed in the box by blocking radiation from radio signals that can build up electrical currents in devices and burn them out.   Here’s some items you may or should have around the house to place your important electronic devices in to protect them.


1:  Your microwave oven.  Now obviously don’t turn it on.  This will immediately destroy your devices.  The process and shielding that protects you from being cooked along with your food also works in reverse by shielding items inside.


2:  A ammo can.  These versatile boxes have many uses other than just holding ammo.  A steel box that is electrically conductive will protect your devices well by absorbing a large percentage of the radiation.  I have seen ammo boxes with an inexpensive grounding wire attached to the box via a sheet metal screw and an alligator clip.  Attaching the alligator clip to a water pipe in the house will ground the box and give you an additional layer of protection.


3. Mylar bag.  Yes that’s right, a mylar bag will protect digital devices from electrical charges.  You may have noticed some electronic devices are shipped in mylar for static protection.  This will also give you layer of protection.


4.  Last but not least.  You could build a copper wire faraday cage.  You can buy all the materials on amazon.

Copper screen material, some wood, hand tools, screws, and an afternoon you could build your own faraday cage.


I was joking around with my wife while I was writing this and told her If you want the best protection possible.  We put the microwave in the faraday cage, the ammo box inside the microwave, a mylar bag in the ammo box and my 1974 black casio watch in the mylar bag.  Because after a large EMP my electronic devices will be uses anyway, because all the networks required for them to work will be destroyed anyway.

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