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Pastor: There is a ‘biblical mandate’ for Christians to take responsibility for being ready

With natural disasters, which sometimes can be predicted, and terrorism, which cannot, people are becoming more and more concerned about being prepared.

Add to that the signs in the sky that have been grabbing the attention of the nation, and “prepping” all of a sudden is mainstream.

It’s easy for the ultra-wealthy to accumulate the supplies and resources they need to ride out a storm, and one expert on the subject says it’s not that difficult for middle-class Americans, either.

Carl Gallups, a pastor and former law enforcement officer with first-hand experience inside the winds of hurricanes Ivan and Katrina, has a reassuring message: You can safeguard your family, church and community even if you are on a limited budget.

Gallups recently was interviewed by WND TV about his new book, “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.”

Gallups said his book explains ways to eliminate some of the myths about preparedness, starting with the idea it can only be done effectively by the privileged few.

Survival supplies are readily available, he noted, pointing to the WND Superstore, where survival supplies and food can be purchased easily.

“People ask me this,” Gallups said. “They say, ‘I see the advertisements on TV, and buy all this food, and buy all this stuff, and how can I do that? I don’t have the money. Or it would cost me thousands of dollars, and I’m not able to do that.’”

Don’t buy everything at once, he said, but instead accumulate the necessities over time.

“You can buy food supplies, very reasonably, that will last for years,” Gallups said.

Even small expenditures function as long-term investments in a family’s security, Gallups told WND.

As a resident of “hurricane alley” in the Florida panhandle, Gallups lives preparedness as part of his family’s everyday routine.

“When we get slammed by a hurricane, we don’t go to a grocery store for weeks sometimes. We don’t have power for days, sometimes a week or more.”

So he’s always in a preparedness mindset.

“Every time we go to the grocery store, we just a couple extra jars of peanut butter, a couple extra tubes of toothpaste, or extra bars of soap,” he said. “Next time, same thing just different kinds of food, like extra cans of tuna, baked beans, a couple big boxes of matches, and then we put it aside.”

Buy a few everyday items each time at the store, he said.

“If you do it like that, it’s very easy,” he said. “You can store up water practically for nothing.”

Gallups said with the help of a water purification product and some forethought, families can have immediately accessible water even after a dire emergency.

If people do have some money available, Gallups advised those looking to prepare to buy in bulk.

“It might be a little more expensive at first, but considering how long it lasts and how much it is it’s a tremendous buy,” he stated.

“That’s what I tell folks,” he said to WND. “This is not going to cost you an arm or a leg, this is not something you’ll need to take a loan to do if you do it correctly, use your head, and do it in increments. Before long, you’ll have a very nice emergency pantry set up.”

Gallups said preparedness is not about living a fringe lifestyle but is simply about exercising common sense.

“I’m not a wild-eyed prepper, I’m a pastor, a father, a grandfather, a patriot, a former law enforcement officer with 40 years experience in law enforcement and pastoring,” Gallups said.

“So the book is written from a very biblical, balanced, logical, reasonable view of being prepared for what life can throw at you. Whether it’s a natural disaster or some worst case scenario like a terrorist attack and everything in between.”

Currently, “Be Thou Prepared” is No. 1 in the category of “Church Leadership” and No. 3 in the category of “Spiritual Warfare” at Gallups says both categories reflect the same battle.

There is, he said, a “biblical mandate” for Christians to take responsibility for ensuring they are prepared to defend their families and loved ones. He also observed such preparedness allows Christians to take the lead in ministering the Gospel in the wake of any disaster.

For both temporal and theological reasons, Gallups urges believers to be prepared before it’s too late.

It’s not just emergency preparedness, he said, “It’s about being prepared for life.”

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