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Chatham Emergency Management continues hurricane preparations


SAVANNAH, GA. (WJCL) The official start of hurricane season is a little more than two weeks away.

Emergency agencies continue to test out their preparedness.

Wednesday, Chatham Emergency Management and other agencies tested out its Points of Distribution plan.

Chatham County residents volunteered for the exercise by lining up and driving through the POD site to receive free supplies, such as bottled water and other necessities in the event of a disaster.

“What we’re simulating here is folks don’t have access to clean water for an extended period of time,” said Jim Butterworth, Dir.-Georgia Emergency Management Homeland Security. “So we’re providing bottled water, we’re providing filters for water systems, so that as the community gets back up to speed people that are living here can get back to a normal life.”

Chatham Emergency Management, Georgia Emergency Management and the Georgia National Guard all took part in the exercise.


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