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Why You Should Own A Bow And Arrow

I didn’t think I would be a big fan of the bow and arrow, but once I started using the recurve bow and the compound bow I fell in love with it.  I always get such an adrenaline rush when I am out in the woods or practicing in the backyard.
There are a ton of different bows to choose from. I only own the two but they also have the long bow and cross bow. All four of these bows are fun to shoot and extremely effective with a little practice.
Here are a couple reasons why you should own a bow.  Not just any bow but a simple survival take-down bow.

1. Easily Transported


The recurve bow can be taken down into three pieces: the middle grip section and the two limbs (top and bottom).  The recurve bow had a couple lug screws and voila that can be twisted off.  Once you have it taken apart, it can be stored in your pack. The best part is how light it weighs.

2. Within Financial Means

The recurve bow should only cost you a couple hundred dollars and if you take care of it, it should last a lifetime.  The arrows are costless and once you start practicing more; you should be able track your arrows after you shoot them and reuse them.  There are ways to make your own arrows using wooden dowels or plant shafts.

3. Talented


A lot of the new arrows are carbon fiber which are lightweight and have a tip that can be screwed-in to the arrow. There are a variety of different arrowheads that vary from practice tips, hook tips and line for fishing, broad head razor tips, and stunner tips.

4. Paperless and zero laws

Guns and bullet you need to follow laws and fill out a ton of paperwork.  With the bow and arrow you don’t need to mess with all the permits and paperwork.  Keep in mind a bow and arrow can be extremely deadly so always be responsible when handling one.

5. Too Loud?

The bow and arrow is one of the most silent weapon you can own.  You never know when this will come in handy. When you are hunting you don’t want a loud weapon that is going to scare everything away.img-6

6. Mutlitasker

The best part of having a bow and arrow is being able to use it for other sources.  The most important item of the bow and arrow is the string.  The bow strings can range from four to six feet in length and it’s strength is remarkable.  You can use the bow string for trotline fishing, traps, or shelther building.


The second most important items are the arrows. You can use the arrows for spearing fish, small animals, or even wild pigs.  The only thing you need to change is how long the shaft needs to be for each animal. A longer shaft and larger spear will need to be used for wild pigs, fishing, and/or self defense.

The only negative feedback about the bow and arrow is that you can’t just go out thinking it’s a piece of cake to shoot a bow.  It requires a lot of practice to be efficient.  So quick being lazy and go practice in the backyard.

I always love challenging myself and this was a great way to practice and show off my skills to all the boys! Remember the more practice you put into your bow the more targets you will hit. Once you start hitting targets, remember its not the bow that’s amazing; it’s you that has all the skills! If you really want to challenge yourself, go out and make your own bow and arrows. Plan, prepare, and practice.

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