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What did you do to prep this week?

May 30, 2015 By M.D. Creekmore

Before we get started with this weeks post, I would like to give a shout-out and to thank Gordon G, Willard N, Kelli M, Chantal L, Cheryl D, and Angela M for their contributions this week. Thank you – it’s folks like you who keep this site running and free for everyone else.

Recently, I’ve noticed some confusion related to the MD in my name, with several people recently referring to me as Doctor Creekmore, to be clear I’m not a medical doctor, the MD is at the front of my name and not at the end.

Also to clear up more confusion that I’ve noticed recently, I did not write and I’m not the vendor of the Survival MD product. I wrote a review of the product (a good product BTW) and published it it here but that is my only relation to the product is the review.

Okay, now let get to it – what did I do to prep this week…


Finished my strawberry tower…. Looks good doesn’t it…


New Glock magazine and pistol case…


Cut back weeds and underbrush…


Cleared off an area for my new building that should be done in a couple of weeks.


Extra Krav Maga in no time DVDs.


Watched the garden grow…


And the chickens too…

I also renewed my NRA membership…

Well that’s it for me this week folks – what about you… what did you do to prep this week?

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