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Swedish Log ‘Stovetop’


The Swedish Log StoveTop is one of the most simple devices you can find to make an evening of cooking in the great outdoors.  You can easily use the StoveTop for camping, surviving, or just for fun.



MITI is a simple and tough tool for cooking outdoor, made in Stainless 304L 1/8 thick, lazer cut and bent.
It includes 4 anchorage steel rods to stabilize the lug.

MITI + 4 rods = 1.130 Kg ( 2.5 Lb)

Need to be manipulated with precaution when using, wear cooking gloves and use tools for fire.** (Please follow the instruction notice inside the packaging)

The “Swedish log” technique has it’s roots in Europe, but now a Canadian Company has taken the cooking technique to a sophisticated level for the enthusiast. Basically all you need is a log split into four parts and then burned from the bottom creating a fire from within the log and directs the heat upward to your cooking area. Airflow in and around the log equals a strong burn.

This product is called the MITI-011 and made by SPORTES Inc., a small Quebec company. The cooking platform is built out of laser-cut stainless steel.


Included are four large steel rods that insert into holes and provide vertical structure for a burning log.

To use it, split a log into four pieces (max 14 inches tall), insert the tabbed/bent pieces into the chops, and let the flat cooking surface rest on the log top.


The rods go into brackets at four corners. The whole setup comes in a pouch for transport, and it weighs about 2.5 pounds.

SPORTES Inc. describes itself as a “design laboratory of tools and reliable low-tech outdoor accessories.” This product looks to fit that mold of simple, useful products that can enhance your camping experience.

The unit is available now for $65 (CAN). See more at SportesOutdoorTools.

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