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DIY Everyday Carry Sharpie Tactical Marker


Maybe you don’t want to or can’t carry a firearm. Maybe you work in an office high rise where weapons are forbidden, That doesn’t mean that you should be without means to defend yourself. Sometimes you have to be creative to exercise your right to self-defense. For just a few dollars, you can put together a concealable self-defense tool that you can carry practically anywhere for last ditch emergency use. As always, make sure to check your state and local laws to see if they’ve stripped you of the right to defend yourself in this manner. Please be aware that I am not responsible for any bodily harm or injury that may befall you or others with this tool, this is to be made and used at your own discretion.

What You Will Need:

Piece of Rubber or Jar Gripper ( I used a piece of bicycle inner tube)

Hot Glue Gun or Epoxy (if you want it a lot stronger, will take longer for epoxy to set)

File or Bench Grinder

Hack Saw

Small Screw Driver (like for eyeglasses)

1 Sharpie Fine Point Marker

1 11/64 Drill bit (preferably a longer sized drill bit)

Step 1.

To disassemble the Sharpie with out marking it up take your piece of rubber to grip the cap securing the ink. You’re going to want to pull straight out instead of twisting because the cap has fine splines in it. It does take some strength.


Step 2.

Next remove the ink cartridge and set aside, you’ll need it later. Then take a pair of pliers and pull the felt tip from the marker.


Step 3.

The 11/64 drill bit is slightly bigger than the felt tip was so by hand drill the cap by twisting it so the drill bit will slide through.


Step 4.

Next sharpen the drill bit on the smooth side into a point using a file or a bench grinder. If you use a bench grinder do it in little increments so you won’t heat up the metal too much. Once sharpened to satisfaction slide the drill bit into the marker tip cap. Try and set it so it’s the same height as the felt tip was so it looks original as possible.


Step 5.

Once you have the proper height take your hot glue gun and glue the drill bit into the cap. Try and stuff as much glue or epoxy in as possible. I used a small screw driver to pack the hot glue down as much as possible, then let glue set.


Step 6.

This next step I don’t have a picture for because I had to do it quick. Depending on the length of the drill bit you used, you might have have to cut some off. You want the drill bit to go down into the handle as much as possible. Once you have the bit cut, fill the handle of the pen about 3/4 the way full with hot glue or epoxy then stuff the cap back on. Let glue set up.


Step 7.

Now take the ink cartridge you set aside and color the sharpened tip to make it look like the stock tip. As you can see from the video below it works quit well and the glue and drill bit add a bit of weight to it. Enjoy your new Self-Defense Sharpie.


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