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Bug Out Bag Gear Must-Haves: Microfiber Towel

Bug Out Bag Gear Must-Haves: Microfiber Towel

Packing a bug out bag is tough, as if you plan to travel long distances, you’ll want to keep your bag as light as possible (consider adding pannier  to your bike for additional food and water storage).

But what is one must-have that has several uses, and even provides a little bit of creature comfort?

The Microfiber Towel.

I use a microfiber towel when camping or backpacking abroad, and it’s been a life-saver. Packing a towel sounds cumbersome, but hear me out — these towels are a fraction of the weight of your standard bath towels, and they have several uses in a survival scenario.

Reasons to Add a Microfiber Towel to Your Bug Out Bag

  • Drying off after bathing
  • Serve as an extra blanket on cold nights
  • Head covering in direct sunlight / cold compress if soaked in cold water
  • Wrap around clothes for a makeshift pillow
  • Sun covering if have to build a makeshift shelter
  • Could serve as an absorbent rainwater catch in drastic scenarios (ring it out afterwards and purify the water)
  • Packs down 5x smaller than a regular towel
  • Air dries SUPER quickly (can even air dry by draping over your backpack while hiding)
  • Fraction of the weight of a regular bath towel
  • It’s a little piece of comfort of home life before SHTF, which may help your morale.

There are several different options for microfiber towels available at various camping stores, but as always, Amazon seems to come out on top with the best pricing — a quality microfiber towel on Amazon costs around $20-$30.

How many microfiber towels do you need? These are questions you’ll best know the answer to: How many people are in your family? Will you be bugging out in a warm climate? You may be able to get away with 2-3. If you’ll be bugging out anywhere that experiences cold weather and freeze warnings, one towel per person can help as an additional light layer.

Is a microfiber towel on your bug out bag packing list?

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