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5 morale boosting foods for when the SHTF


We all have a favorite food that we eat either out of pure enjoyment or for the “comfort” it provides.  Me? Kellogg’s Blueberry unfrosted Pop Tarts. Ever since I was a kid regardless of what was happening around me sitting back with a pair of hot Pop Tarts and a tall glass of milk = paradise.

In high stress situations these comfort foods can provide some level of stress release and a calming effect. This would be very welcome. Let’s face it – when the SHTF and people are freaking out and you are trying to calm them down anything that helps could be a lifesaver.

Here is my list for the top 5 Morale Boosting Foods For After The SHTF:

1.  Coffee – One of the most popular drinks in the United States, coffee is legendary as a MUST HAVE morning drink or functionality for the entire day just may suffer. Coffee can be stored ground with a limited lifespan or in bean form for longer life.

2. Hard Candy – Ever ate a candy cane in the middle of summer? For many it will bring back memories of past Christmas holidays and found memories. Hard candy has an excellent shelf life.

3. Chocolate – Chocolate has a limited life expectancy. Storing in the fridge helps and freezing makes it last for years. Chocolate bars can be vacuum sealed to help extend life as well.

4. Bacon – Imagine the smell of bacon several weeks after the SHTF. Would that not provide some sense of normalcy and lift spirits? Canned bacon with a shelf life of 2+ years.

5. Alcohol – This may be controversial but for many people a comfort “food” would certainly include alcohol. I am not recommending getting sloshed to drown stresses, rather a glass of wine here or there could be very welcome. Some common sense needs to be used with this one.

If there are kids in the group consider special accommodations for them. A few Pez dispensers and Tic Tacs would be good. Finding out some of their favorite snacks or foods that could be stored for at least the medium-term.

Many of us prepare for an uncertain future and want to do at least a little better than just survive it. While thriving may be too much to ask have some sense of normalcy would certainly reduce the burden on the nerves at least a bit.


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