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Emergency Food and Supplies


When SHTF you will need to move fast and light to get you and your family to safety.  This exciting product isn’t a porterhouse steak and potatoes dinner, but it is a completely balance meal providing 2400 calories per day without cooking.  Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.  The only thing needed to prepare is water and you have plenty with our H2O emergency water systems.  Astronauts live on a similar product for years.  Provides all the macro and micro nutrients needed for performance under stress.  High in protein to keep your body moving, long-chain carbohydrates to keep your body from experiencing highs and lows.   Easy to mix.

Wise food takes an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.

Easy to Prepare
Just Add Water

Lightweight and easy to prepare
by just adding water

Up to 25-Year
Shelf Life

Gourmet long-term food storage
for families and individualsHigh Quality and Great Taste

Stock up on a variety of premium emergency and outdoor foods

Affordable and Convenient

A dependable and simple choice
that meets your needs

Complete Food Storage System Kits with Heat Sealer (Made in USA)

Real US Made Mylar Bags (Not silver Plastic like China made kits)

Our bags are the superior UV, Light, and Oxygen barrier to protect and keep your food stores for the longest time possible.  Use our bags with our UN Liquid Tight Containers and you can expect your food storage to last 20 years or more.

  • (10) 5-6 Gallon Food grade FDA approved Mylar® Bags*
  • (10) 2000cc  Oxygen Absorbers
  • Long-Term Food Storage Guide
  • American made GENUINE Mylar
 Each Kit includes
  • (5) UN Approved Food Grade Liquid Tight Containers (Lockable)
  • (5) Thick Oxygen Barrier Mylar(Not Plastic) Vacuum Sealable bags
  • (5) 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers.
  • (1) Vacuum Sealing Tool Adaptor

We take pride in the fact that our Food Storage Systems are USA Made.

All of our containers, bags, and oxygen absorbents are manufactured with food grade manufacturing processes insuring that your dried goods will be ready when you need them years from now.

UN Approved Food Quality Storage Containers.  Full gasketed and air/liquid tight sealed container with tamper-proof indicator and lockable. Includes seal-able and vacuum capable Mylar 158 microns liners with 2000cc O2 absorber.

Store dried food (ie beans, rice, grains, wheat, lentils) for up to 15+ years

Stop Buying Chinese Crap Plastic Bags that aren’t even real Mylar and won’t last 6 months storage much less years.

Our kits Includes:

  • (10) USA Made (Dupont) True Mylar Heavy Duty Heat Sealable Bags (fits 5 or 6.5 gallon containers)
  • (10) USA Made 2000cc Oxygen Absorbers
  • (1) USA Made Vacuum Sealer Tool Adaptor
  • (1) Heat Sealer
  • (1) Detailed Instructions to Store Food Properly to insure long term safety.


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