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How Interesting…Anti Gun Celebrities Get Armed Guards at the Golden Globes Awards

Can you say Hypocrites… Yes, The almighty words being spewed out of the mouths of so called celebrities, about gun control and how we need to remove guns out the homes of Americans, are at the same time being protected by guns.  No only simple hand guns, but fully decked out military grade weapons with guess what, high capacity magazines.  What does this sound like to you?

Chris Gardner ✔@chrissgardner

Already happened:bomb-sniffing dogs, redcarpet cleared by security, one man says “did you see snipers on roof?” Very glam here #GoldenGlobes

Quick question: How many of the celebrities at the Golden Globes approve of President Obama and his ongoing plan to restrict your rights under the 2nd Amendment? We know this one does:


The Hill ✔@thehill

Amy Schumer attends White House event on guns where Obama mentions Lafayette shooting:

We only ask because Schumer and the other Obama-voting celebrities in attendance are only able to gather in safety thanks to good guys with guns:


Allen Schaben @alschaben

Increased security presence at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton #GoldenGlobes


Janice Min ✔@janicemin

First time I’ve ever seen security with machine guns walking #GoldenGlobes (@ScottFeinberg)


Amy Kaufman ✔@AmyKinLA

Security at check point v intense. Dogs, mirrors under car, had to open all car portals. #GoldenGlobes


Robert Kovacik ✔@RobertNBCLA

#GoldenGlobes: #BHPD tells me extra security this year. “We’ve ramped it up”. That’s #RobLowe in my shot.


Allen Schaben @alschaben

Security with machine guns patrol red carpet before 73rd Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton #GoldenGlobes


Ashley Kewish ✔@ashleykewish

Beverly Hills PD armored vehicle in position. At 4, a look at prep and security going into tonight’s #goldenglobes

Even “Rambo” was there:


Jacqueline Seabrooks @SantaMonicaCoP

@SantaMonicaPD K-9 Rambo pawz’d for a moment on red carpet while aiding in security check at the #GoldenGlobes

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