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Best Bug Out Location


As the name implies this article is geared for finding the best bug out location. Should the need arise out of nowhere having an area in the back of your mind can really be a substantial benefit to getting out of the trouble quickly. Even if you do not have a location planned I will break down things that will be great indicators you have found a great bug out location.

Bug Out Shelter Plans


One of the most paramount needs is shelter. This will give you a place to rest and if built, or found if lucky enough to find a suitable shelter, a place to hide from whoever you do not want to come around your camp. If it comes to building a bug out shelter, especially a long life one, wood is going to be key. Most places across the United States have some degree of tree growth but obviously more would be better for concealment and availability of materials to build and fortify your shelter. A consideration to have is if there is a lack of trees bringing a canvas or tarp to make some type of shelter. Mainly in terms of your shelter getting something to keep elements whether it is sunshine or snow off of you is priority. Lean-to’s are simple and very functional quick shelter to build where wood is plentiful. If you are looking at this location as a long term survival area you can take more time in making the shelter more comfortable and stable and camouflaged.

If you have the foresight and the means to do so making a shelter beforehand and maintaining it will give you a great jump when troubles begin. This is the ideal situation because you can make it a far more functional shelter and up your chance of survival. A well built shelter can be upgraded in a variety of ways to take your from surviving to thriving. The first and major one is a source of electricity. A gasoline generator the newer developed inverter generator which offers the same benefits as a traditional generator but being more portable and much quieter. Solar panels are an even more long term feasible option. Set up correctly and with proper care offer great long lasting renewable energy without the need for fossil fuels and noise levels. Depending on your region will determine the effectiveness of solar panels. If the sun doesn’t cooperate in your region perhaps wind turbine are more practical for your region. With the advances in wind energy they now offer simple do it yourself kits to set up and provide electricity from the wind for reasonable costs.

Bug Out Water Source


Once you have an area that is suitable and advantageous for a durable shelter the next priority in the best bug out location is a bug out water source. Water is very important in a bug out and survival situation because as everyone knows you can’t go for very long without dehydration. The best bug out location would have some type of dependable water source nearby or easily accessible. Most water sources are not safe to drink from directly and will require some type of purification to make it drinkable. There are bug out bag take along options, previously described in the survival water purification article, such as purification tablets and boiling the water. These are great options especially if it is a temporary hold-up as any chemicals you bring to treat the water will eventually run out. Boiling is a great option and has been used throughout history. Typical water sources would be rivers, lakes, ponds, springs. All of these would be a great indication of a solid long term area to set up a bug out location.

There are also some great options for water filtration that you could procure if you have the location and shelter planned beforehand. They make some simple systems that do not use any electricity but still filter very efficiently. These systems depending on their size can treat thousands of gallons of water and is a great option for long term survival in one location.

Bug Out Food Supply


Finally after you have found your location and it is suitable for shelter and water the last primary consideration you need to look for is your bug out food supply. Most locations that suit the other two needs will lead to the possibility of food options for you as well. All sorts of vegetation is edible and getting an understanding of the plants in your area will give you an advantage if you ever need to delve into nature’s supermarket. Most edible plants do not need cooked and can be a good advantage if you are in a hurry and can allow you to eat as you forage. Some wild game will probably also be available to you in most locations. This could give you another great option for food if you learn how to hunt each type of game effectively. Insects can also be a good source of nutrition due to the amount of protein per ounce they possess. As mentioned before if the other two categories fit there is a better chance of finding food as well in the same area. Ensure you know what is edible and what is not especially in the plant kingdom.

Again if you have the means and foresight to stock up and prepare for a bug out situation  having seeds that you can plant if it is the right climate or season for it can be a great way to have a long term food source option. Another option is emergency food supplies. These MRE’s tend to have great shelf lives and are geared to giving you the nutrition you need while keeping the size of the stockpile to a minimum.

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