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Survival Supply Caches

If you need to stash some gear or supplies then you need to consider Survival Supply Caches, the Prepper’s Safe Deposit Box!

There are many choices and schools of thought when it comes to survival caches. If you want to bury things, you can choose a pre-made solution like the Mono Vault tube,  designed for this very purpose, or leverage buckets with water-tight lids, rain barrels or PVC pipe solutions.

PVC Burial Cache

PVC Burial Cache The quick and easy method would be to run down to your local hardware store and get some properly size PVC pipe and the fittings needed to create your own burial tube.

Make sure to use some form of thread compound or Teflon tape to ensure that water doesn’t work its way into your container. Be sure to use some zip lock bag, dry bags or vaccum pack all the items you want to keep safe.

Options for Hiding Cache:

First you need a plan. Where are you going to put your cache?

Hide It:

Wrap it with camouflage tape or wrap and tie it to a high tree limb or stick it in a hollow tree.

Bury It:

Dig a hole, someplace far from prying eyes.

Caching OpSec Considerations:


Make sure you find and retrieve your cache. Landmarks can change, so make sure you know exactly where it is, and that you will be able to find it again, when you need it!

Bury the tube in a remote location, where you can’t be observed, including aerial observation, and cell phone tracking. Leave the cell phone at home, or at a minimum remove the battery, or boot the phone into DFU mode (Device Firmware Update), which shouldn’t have any drivers loaded, except for the USB input and internal storage access. 3G, 4G and GPS, should be inactivated…but this might change in the future.

A water proof container will likely be buoyant. Make sure to bury it in a place where ground water or rain, won’t force it back to the surface, exposing your dry box or tube. Avoid soils heavy in clay, as water doesn’t drain quickly and may exacerbate “floating”!

If you are burying metallic items or using a dry box or tube that is metal, make sure yo bury your vault deeper, then salt the vicinity with metal scrap such as old engine parts, nails, nuts, bolts, food tins, soda cans or other debris that might encounter in the area, or bury it in an area where metal is expected to be encountered. These ideas apply to your own property. We do not condone any activity, like littering on public property. Please verify any applicable federal, state, or local laws.

Types of Caches


There are 4 main types of caches, there might be more, but these are the ones we consider most likely to be needed.

1.       Waypoint Caches

2.       Exile Caches

3.       Fugitive Caches

4.       Weapons Caches

Waypoint Cache


Waypoint Caches are hidden supplies at intervals along your route, allowing you to restock on an extended journey. This would likely be food, water or water purification essentials and other reloads for consumable goods.

When we are discussing a Waypoint Cache to resupply a motor vehicle, we need to consider the nature of this kit and its size. You won’t be able to bury it all, so maybe use a storage unit for the larger items, unless you know of another good spot or two along your way.

If you intend to drive to your location, this cache would also likely include tools for your vehicle, tire repair kits, fuel and essential automotive fluids.

Waypoint Cache:


·         Cordage (paracord)

·         Duct Tape

·         MRE’s, FlexGrub, or Dehydrated camping meals

·         More fuel pellets (if you have a stove that requires these)

·         H2O 1.0 personal water straw

·         Shoe goo or other shoe repair materials

·         Clean socks and undergarments (a couple pairs can make a big difference)

·         Fishing Gear

·         Slingshot or repair kit for a slingshot (bands)

·         Survival Knife ( a SOG Seal Pup and Morakniv would be perfect, or use any spare rugged knife)

·         Sharpening stone, whet stone, and honing oil (for knife maintenance)

·         Multi-tool (Gerber)

·         More batteries for your handheld ham radio

·         Replacement headlamp and batteries

·         Replacement flashlight and batteries

·         Additional First Aid kit supplies

·         Grooming and Hygiene kit refills (razors, soaps, toothpaste, floss, feminine hygiene, etc)

·         Insect Repellent

·         Sun Screen

·         Replacement compass

·         Ranger beads

·         Maps of area or region

·         Backpack repair kit

·         Pre-paid cell phone and additional battery

·         More cash



Automobile Waypoint Cache:

·         Tire pump

·         Tire patch or repair kit

·         Spare tire(s)

·         Spare jack and universal tire iron

·         Extra fuel with stabilizer added

·         Extra oil

·         Transmission fluid

·         Jumper cables

·         Replacement belts

·         Replacement headlamps and bulbs

·         Battery?

·         Wipers and wiper fluid

·         Tool kit for auto repairs

·         First aid kit

·         MRE’s or Dehydrated camping meals

·         Water or water purification tools (H2O 1.0 personal water straw)

*You should already have a base set of car supplies in your Automobile’s EDC kit*

Exile Cache


Exile Caches are hidden supplies that allow you to cover all your survival needs, if you are forced to flee with nothing, or return to your home to find it inaccessible or occupied by non-familiar individuals.

This cache would provide what you need if you were at zero. It would have ways to provide for shelter, fire, food, water and protection.

Exile Cache Contents:

·         Cordage (paracord)

·         Duct Tape

·         Nylon Tarp (light and more compact tarp)

·         Tiny camp stove

·         Water container (Stainless steel for boiling)

·         Personal water straw

·         Military rain poncho and poncho liner (woobie)

·         Heavy duty space blanket

·         Slingshot

·         Fishing gear

·         Survival knife (a SOG Seal Pup and a Morakniv would be perfect, or any knife)

·         Multi-tool (Gerber)

·         Handheld ham radio

·         Headlamp and batteries

·         Flashlight and batteries

·         First Aid Kit

·         Grooming and Hygiene kit

·         Insect Repellent

·         Sun Screen

·         Hat

·         Sunglasses or goggles

·         Bandana or Shemagh

·         Gloves

·         Compass

·         Ranger beads

·         Maps of area

·         Small towel

·         Backpack or Dayback, You could forgo the backpack if you tied cord around the burial tube and used it to carry your supplies.

·         Pre-paid cell phone

·         Cash

Fugitive Cache


Fugitive Caches are made up of select essentials from the Exile Cache with some extra specific purpose gear, in the event that you are on the run, for whatever reason. Maybe you saw or overheard something sensitive and a mega corporation has deployed assassins to take you down or some government agency has decided that they need to terminate you with extreme prejudice Whatever the reason, you have to stay alive and on the move until you can clear your name.

The Fugitive Cache may not have to be buried, but could be in a self storage locker, if you can find one that lets you rent without an ID…unless you have an alternate ID <wink, wink> or a discreet friend who would let you share some storage space.

Fugitive Cache Contents:


·         Cordage (paracord)

·         Duct tape

·         Knife (Combat knife or dagger)

·         Multi-tool (Gerber)

·         Flashlight and batteries

·         First Aid Kit

·         Grooming and Hygiene kit

·         Bandana or Shemagh

·         Gloves

·         Compass

·         Ranger beads

·         Maps of area or objectives

·         Cash

·         Hair coloring

·         Other disguise stuff (fake mustache, beard, colored contacts, etc)

·         Ball cap and sunglasses

·         Burner phone

·         Alternate IDs (passport, driver’s license, etc….You know, like the spies on TV)

·         Lots of Cash (bribes, payoffs, transportation, a place to lay low, etc)

Weapon Caches


Weapon Caches are used by those who aren’t so sure that their firearms are safe. Burying some of your firearms in a remote area ensures that they will still be accessible regardless of the current laws or political climate.

Most firearms cost many hundreds of dollars if not thousands, so you should probably go the extra mile and buy a container, like a Mono Vault tube, designed for this very purpose.

The Mono Vault Features:


·         Heavy-duty construction tested and designed to be buried, with guns inside!

·         Air-tight seal

·         Two Lids- an inner lid with waterproof gasket and an outer ‘Burial Shield’ lid

Make sure to dip your firearms in some type of grease or cosmoline for long term storage, or invest in some Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting bags (aka VCI bags) to prevent rust and corrosion.

If you are concerned enough to bury some of your essentials firearms, make sure to take extra precautions for every part of this project.

Keep some gear in a location away from your residence for safe keeping. When you are ready to stash this gear or supplies then you need to consider making a Survival Supply Caches, the Prepper’s Safe Deposit Box!

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