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DIY Survival: Different Uses for Duct Tape


It’s common to hear someone joke about how useful duct tape is. In fact, it’s so common that there was even a DIY comedy TV show about its many (interesting) uses called The Red Green Show. All joking aside, however, it turns out that duct tape is actually quite a useful tool to have around if you don’t have anything else readily available. We’re going to tackle just a few of its uses here today:

Patches for Holes and Insulation

Whether you’re patching an Emergency Blanket or even a tent, you can utilize duct tape in small patching jobs. It can also be used as a sealant for holes in walls or as insulation in desperate times, particularly in the winter or spring. Tape over a small hole in your wall or even wrap duct tape around your shoes to form a barrier from water and provide extra insulation. For buckets, plates, bowls, or cups, you can use duct tape to patch any cracks or holes. Finally, if you use a flotation device or a boat, you can use it to patch holes and make it water tight.

Ropes or Chords

Let’s face it, sometimes Murphy’s Law happens, and when it does, you could be stuck without a rope for your tent or with a broken net. Not to worry, as you can use twisted duct tape to form a rope or a cord in desperate times. You won’t be able to use it for any major jobs like pulling a truck (not that we’ve tried), but you’ll be able to use it for small to medium-sized jobs when a rope or a cord is needed but not available.

Makeshift Belt or a Strap

We’ve all been there: a belt or strap breaks without warning, and in times of disaster, it may not be as simple as running down to the hardware or clothing store for a replacement. Duct tape can be utilized in lieu of a belt or strap in times of need.

Weapons and Tools

Anyone who’s ever done some yard work knows that handles — like those found on shovels — aren’t always skin-friendly when working for long periods. You can use duct tape to patch a pair of gloves, or even wrap it around a shovel handle to decrease the chance that you’ll get blisters or other scratches or cuts. Which brings us to medical uses…

Medical Uses

Yes, duct tape can be used for medical reasons, too. In addition to making makeshift bandages that will pull hairs but will also stop bleeding, you can also use it for padding or as a splint or cast (or part of one) in a situation when you sprain or break a bone. If there are branches or sticks available, you can also wrap the duct tape around these and make yourself a walking stick to assist you with movement. There are a variety of other uses for medical reasons, but these are just a few to start.

Makeshift Shelter

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain, but if you have enough duct tape with you, you’re covered (literally). Using some sticks or twigs as a kind of frame and the duct tape to hold it all together and as insulation, you can build yourself a small makeshift shelter that’s just big enough for you to sleep in until the bad weather passes. Hopefully you’ll never be that far away from your tent or other shelter, but if there is such a time, you’ll be able to survive it.

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