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Hiding Your Backup Supplies


Often there is so much to take in that if a disaster in our country actually took place, we really might overlook the reality of it all. Too many web sites make it appear as though all you need to focus on is stockpiling all your prepping supplies  in a corner in a basement. It is out-of-the-way and be kept in an organized manner. Got plenty of beans, rice, oats, so forth and so on. Hey I even got the tool to grind up the corn and wheat. Got a calculator to count up what food intake will be necessary. Give me a break.

I eat every day and don’t even think about what I need to maintain my body. I put it on the plate, mix it up, and down it goes. Instead of worrying about calories and protein, worry about variety. I have over sixty different meals that we can use and guess what, no burn out on what we will be eating. That simply means that I would only have to eat any one meal about five times a year. Breads, pasta, meats, juices, beans, rice, so forth and so on. The nutrition of a meal should change per meal so that we are taking in different amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, and other needed factors to maintain a well-balanced life style. Okay, enough said on that.

I am an old country boy who has had the worst of time and the best of time. However, I do know one thing that a lot of preppers believe that they can hold off any attack they might encounter. Wrong. Wrong, and double WRONG. It won’t happen. Regardless, one factor will still remain. No matter how well you think you are protected and barricade in, it will be overran. These people coming into your area are looking for a means to survive. They won’t care about you, your assets, or how well you believe you can hold them off. There isn’t a brick wall that I can’t get through. Vent pipes can be plugged. A home is just that. A home. Remember that many of these looters are people with skills. They just didn’t prepare. It is life or death to them. Oh, sure, you might take out a few, but you will be overtaken. Regardless, one factor still remains. Your supplies, food, water, and all that you have struggled to gather and maintain will be compromised.

My personal opinion lies with the concept that no matter how well your defense is, you will be over ran by looters, rioters, or whatever. Even if you were able to survive the first wave of attack, what makes one believe there won’t be another and another. If you are that determined to protect what you have, I as a looter, will use common sense and realize that you have something worth guarding. Now my determination will even be more stronger to get what you have. Spread the word and now the group has grown. You have something to offer my group so they will aid me in my venture to raid those home that are well guarded.

Those places that are barricaded will not hold up. Even if they have no other choice than to burn you out, you will get out. Groups will band together because they believe you have something to offer. Then it happens. You are overtaken by the sheer number of attackers. What now? Everything you had has been taken by the looters. Your food, your water, your tools, your seeds, your solar power equipment. Everything. It couldn’t happen but it did. We just didn’t look beyond the limit of our stronghold. So now you, if you are lucky, are placed into a bug out scenario. Now what? The entire nation is overrun with people looking to survive.


Ammo Crate Utility Box with 7.25″ Deep, Large,
Dark Earth. With some care, this could make a great cache container.

There are over three hundred million people living here in the United States. Millions of people will be venturing out. Oh, sure, many will be dead by this point, but only those that were weak at the beginning. Again stay focused. There are plenty of redneck country folks that can survive longer that your typical run of the mill city folk. Oh yes and lets not forget about the cousin that lives about ten miles down the road. Getting there is one problem but after you get there, are you sure they have not already been compromised or what makes a person think that they won’t be later?

My neighborhood alone will be gone through several times. Other groups of looter will be forced to check out already looted areas simply because they won’t know what is there or what has been taken. They are looking for that ever so small morsel that may sustain them just a little longer. Folks, it is not going to be a bed of roses.

So what can we do? I, like many others am stocking up, however I am going to the point of hiding a large supply of the items needed underground now and in the future to survive. No, not in my back yard – my eggs are not in one basket. I am not going into detail about the process of hiding items underground nor am I going into how to prevent any form of damage to these items because search the web site and pick and choose.

Hiding your backup supplies

My largest focus on this article is the process of hiding your backup supplies. Some close. Some far away. But Hidden so that you can find your supplies later and use them for survival. What may work for one person may not work for another, but the main concept is to hide a supply just as big as what you may have on hand.


Mono Vault 107, Black, Dry Box Cache Tube, 10.5″ diameter x 7″ high

There are many sites that give good sound advice but the most dangerous part of surviving will be in the first month on and up to I would think somewhere in the time frame of six months. Now don’t get me wrong, that does not mean that I or my family will be living in the wilderness. Could be the case don’t know, but hopefully we will be able to return back to our home regardless of the damage that may occur. All is gone but guess what? All I need is a shovel and I am back in business. We will have to keep a lookout for the next group but at least we have shelter and food to maintain our survival. Just something to think about. The longer you are able to survive could make things easier due to the fact that as time passes, more of the threat will be gone. At some point, your life will be to adjust to replenishing your supplies not protecting them.Don’t limit or for even one moment think that you have all the answers. Be prepared and hide.


Mono Vault 107, Black, Dry Box Cache Tube, 10.5″ diameter x 7″ high

If fact, if you have not planned for after a year down the road, you may not even survive then. Food, supplies, tools, clothing, and the list goes on will be needed to continue your survival. Do you have back up electrical or solar power hidden? Remember you lost all you had. Do you have a back up location for your hunting gear, your planting needs, your canning needs, your heating supplies. Bury and bury and bury. You don’t have to bury deep. Just deep enough to maintain a good temperature that can be maintained and keeps your supplies dry for an undetermined about of time. Most of all hiding in places that will not be found. Off the trail and in well hidden areas camouflaged to look just like the surroundings. In other words don’t place a sign above it and tell they world there is something there. Make sure the top can withstand a good amount of weight. Cover well and the ground cover must be blended into what already exists. It will be a lot of work. Sure will be, but just add up all the time that you put into what you don’t have now.

I like everyone else don’t have all the answers. Anyone who thinks they do, will be the first to go. No one really can tell it what it is going to be like before, during, and after such an event, but we who are preparing need to take in account the “what if” train of thought. The law of “if it can go wrong, it will”, will be the largest factor we will all have to face. Give yourself the flexibility to survive from different routes.

This article is not complete by any means. It was written just to throw out another view to aid others in planning about their survival. A well planned program can go up into smoke. If you plant a garden, do you plant just one stalk of corn? One tomato plant? One carrot? Why not? Same applies to idea of prepping. If you are not overtaken at the beginning of such an event, then guess what, you now have twice as much to survive on. That sounds great, but the question still comes into play. What if you don’t?


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