Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves

What Makes Bullet Proof Stoves Different?

Smoke free operation from advanced gasification process.

These stoves allow you to cook just like you would in a Kitchen. Great heat control and about as smoke free as you can get while cooking with wood. Truly Amazing

Chef Jeremy-Big Bubba’s Grill
Bullet Proof Rocket Stove 50 BMG Cooking and Heating
Bullet Proof Rocket Stove 50 BMG Cooking and Heating

The Workhorse of Rocket Stoves.

The 50 BMG Rocket Stove can cook a large meal, boil water quickly, smelt lead for casting bullets and with 4″ chimney can be used as an emergency wood stove heater, tent heater, or Ice fishing heater.  Highly efficient, burns very hot with very little wood.  Ash tray allows the stove to run without the need to shut stove down to empty ash.  Higher output, easier storage, and better air control.

Made In USA By Americans.

Bullet Proof 50BMG Gasifier Rocket Stove and Emergency Tent Heater.

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