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DIY Survival Flare Grenade


Most survival kits do not include this item, but I personally think that it is important to have at least one of these. The reason being that if you hear a helicopter hovering above searching for you, you can then immediately light up one of these diy survival flare grenades to help them locate you.

It will only cost you about $2 to make one of these, and most of the materials can be found in any dollar store. You may want to try make a few of these varying the amounts of sparkles inside until you find the perfect quantities for your full impact grenade. You can also use these to light fires.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • sparkles
  • match box
  • plastic tube
  • electrical tape
  • striking matchbox surface
  • zip tie
  • steel wire
  • utility knife

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut two holes opposite each other in the
top of the plastic tube using your knife.

Step 2

Lay a strip of electrical tape on a bench
place 5 match sticks with on it and a sparkle
on one end. Roll them together so that the
sparkle is in the middle of the match sticks.

Step 3.

Make a ring from the steel wire and then tape
the striking surface with the surface facing
inside onto the ring using the electric tape.

Step 4.

Tie the wrapped sparkler inside the striking
surface with a zip tie, make sure its below the
match heads before tightening it.

Step 5

Crush your sparkles and then pour them about
halfway into the plastic tube.

Step 6

Insert the igniter you made in Step 4 into the
sparkles in the tube and hold it in place with
two match sticks, through the holes in the top.

Step 7.

Take some paper and stuff it around the igniter
to increase the pressure in the grenade.

Step 8

Wrap the whole tube and the top, in more electric
tape so that it is completely covered with tape.

Your flare grenade is ready for action. To use it just pull the ring, that should light up the matches and ignite the sparkles causing a flare. Make sure you move a safe distance away from the grenade after you pull on the ring.

You can watch the video below on how to make a survival flare grenade…

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