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How to prepare for camping in the wild?

Guest Post By Tadej Kozar 

Camping at the campground or camping in the wild are two different things. A campground provides
electricity, facilities and picnic tables so you can enjoy in the comfort as at home. However, wild
camping doesn’t provide such luxuries and is more demanding.
I am more of an adventurer myself and rather go to some place that I don’t know than at the
campground. If you want to have a more adventurous camping experience and use some survival
skills then read on to know how to prepare for such outdoor activity.
Wild camping gear and equipment guide
When going camping at the backcountry you should be prepared well. Which camping gear and
equipment is essential to take with you? Take a look at which items I recommend to have a safe and
happy camping trip.
Quality camping tent
If you are thinking of getting a cheap tent from the outdoor store think twice. I never had a good
experience with the first tent that I saw and bought. Cheap tents won’t provide you enough
protection from the inclement weather and will jeopardize your excursion.
When looking for a good outdoor tent, make sure that it has the features that you will take
advantage of. I recommend choosing a tent from reputable tent manufacturers that is a well-
stitched unit with the user-friendly features as a vestibule, vents, mesh, inner pockets and an easy
I shouldn’t forget to explain a tent feature that you should pay attention of. Tent seasonality is very
important to consider as its right choice will make your adventure stress-free. Let me make an
High-ventilated tents
If you intend to camp in the nice weather or in a place that is known for its hot temperatures then
buy a tent for three seasons. This type of tent should have a lot of mesh material that provide air
circulation and protection from the annoying bugs.
Inclement weather tents
The choice of a tent is quite different if you want to spend some time outdoors when it’s snowing
and when it’s cold. A three season tent won’t be a good choice here and you would be disappointed
for sure.

Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves

Rather opt for a four season tent that has thicker fabric and waterproof features that will protect
you in the harsh weather and keep you warm. Usually, these tents have a vestibule and a rain fly. A
vestibule is good to have as you can store the gear and wet shoes in. A rain fly is meant to protect

from the precipitation. You can remove it when the sun comes back to have more optimum
ventilation inside.
A tarp
Why should you bring a tarp along? This is a piece of fabric that comes quite handy when you are
camping. You can place it above the tent to additionally protect the interior of the shelter to stay
Placing it under the shelter will help to have a dry interior as well. If you will bring a dog with you,
place it inside the tent to protect its floor from his sharp claws. So, this is a multipurpose piece of
equipment that you shouldn’t forget at home.
Camping sleeping gear
Sleeping on a hard ground is over while tent camping since you have plenty of options to make your
outdoor sleep more comfortable. Did you know that you can get an inflatable pillow and bed and
sleep all night long without waking up tired?
Yes, outdoor brands make this kind of equipment to make your camping worthwhile. When buying it
make sure that the bed, a pad or a cot will fit inside the tent. You can also get a sleeping bag that is
the most used sleeping gear among outdoorsmen. It will keep you warm and comfy all night long.

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Emergency blanket
This blanket is mostly used by the mountain men and rock climbers that need weather protection
and warmth as soon as possible. It is made of metalized plastic sheet that traps about 90% of body
heat. It is great to have if you intend to go camping in the cold places or in the mountains.
The blanket can be used as a rain shelter, to place snow on that will melt to provide you water, to
use as a sling and many other useful things. It helped me many times when I didn’t have the right
equipment with me.
A knife
Don’t forget on a heavy-duty knife. Get a decent camping knife that will come in handy at camping
activities. With a survival knife you will be able to prepare tinder and wood kindling for a campfire,
cut a rope, use as a screw driver, removing thorns, clean a fish or a hunted wild animal, and prepare
a meal.
An outdoor knife is a multipurpose tool that every outdoorsman needs, especially if camping in the
wild areas.
Cooking appliances
The market offers camping cooking sets and utensils so you can cook a nutritious meal over a rocket
stove or a campfire. I am sure you already know the tool that can be used as a fork and a spoon. It is
a typical outdoor utensil for eating.
What I like about the cooking sets is that the pieces are foldable and fit one in another to save space
in your backpack or a trunk. Make sure that you get quality material that won’t bend over the hot

Water purification methods
Backcountry camping doesn’t offer pipe water but you can still use water sources as lakes, rivers and
creeks to prepare drinkable water. Pack some iodine tablets to purify the water source from germs
and bacteria.
You can also distillate it, use sedimentation, plant water purification, boil or filter it with the survival
water filters to remove solid particles from the water.
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Bring a portable heater
A portable heater that runs on gas is one of the most important gears that you can use when the
temperatures get low. Consider safe tent heaters that can be used inside the tent and place it on the
place that won’t disturb you.
No matter that most of these heaters are safe, make sure that you open some of the vents so you
won’t experience too much of dangerous carbon monoxide levels inside.
First aid kit
Did you think of a first aid kit? This is a necessity that you urgently need no matter where you camp.
You never know what happens out there and you must be prepared for anything. So, make sure you
take a first aid kit that has basic items inside as bandages, tweezers, scissors, gauze etc. If any item is
missing from the basic kit, buy it and have your box ready in case of emergencies.
Light source
How will you see at night, did you think of that? Having a lantern, a flashlight or other lightening
source will help you to find things and to go to a toilet in the woods, so make sure you pack it. If the
item is running on batteries grab extra so you won’t be surprised when the flashlight stops working.
Preparation is the key to have a safe camping experience
As you see, wild camping demands some preparation of the gear and items to feel safe outside and
to have a happy and satisfied camping. Consider my guide and pack the necessities that I find worthy
while camping far away from the civilization.

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