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Multiple sizes and shapes of Air Rifle Pellets and Bullets

Big Bore and PCP Air Rifle Bullets and Pellets

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Big Bore Air Rifle Ammunition uses and types.

Air Rifle Bullets


Different Types of Air Rifle Ammunition are use for different uses.


For smaller caliber rifles you will want a pellet or bullet that can transmit as much energy as possible into the animal to inflict the maximum amount of damage.  Wadcutter, flat point, and hollow point ammo is best used for this purpose.  Round nose can be used as well on larger calibers shooting longer distances.  There is an energy delivered curve to calculate out the maximum amount damage.  Most people look at small caliber air rifles at the manufacturers max feet per second, but that is not the most important information.  Look at the chart below for real world numbers of energy being delivered from a 50 caliber air rifle.

Grain      Material                FPS       Energy (ft. lbs.)
180         Lead                     1100       484
200         Lead                     1055      495
250         Lead                     1000      555
275         Lead                     945        545
300         Lead                     930        576
330         Lead                     935        641
350         Lead                     875        595
550         Lead                     760        700

The slowest bullet at 550 grain delivers the most energy, but accuracy at longer ranges would definitely suffer.

Sport Shooting

Anschutz Air Rifle
Anschutz Air Rifle

Competition or Sport Shooting is all about accuracy.  Match grade ammo is important because you want pellet/bullet weight and diameter as constant as possible.  Most competition shooters are also shooting at a much lower velocity at 560 feet per second.

Air Shot Gun

A unique Shell used in Seneca Wing Shot Air Shotgun.  This ammo come in #6 shot size and empty capsules that allow you to load any shot size you want.

50 Cal AV Wing Shot Shell #6
50 Cal AV Wing Shot Shell #6



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Air Rifle Bullets

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