Bullet Proof 50 BMG Rocket Stove Tent, Survival Wood Heater


The 50 BMG Rocket Stove can cook a large meal, boil water quickly, smelt lead for casting bullets and with 4″ chimney can be used as an emergency wood stove heater.  Highly efficient, burns very hot with very little wood.  Ash tray allows the stove to run without the need to shut stove down to empty ash.  Higher output, easier storage, and better air control.

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Bullet Proof 50 Gravity Feed Rocket Stove and Tent Heater

Great Stove for families and heavy duty cooking needs, and accepts 4″ standard venting pipe to use as a temporary heating stove.  Includes damper and ash tray for easy cleanout.

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50 BMG Gravity Feed Rocket Stoves and Emergency Heaters

If and when power goes out, are you prepared to heat and cook by alternative methods?

Bullet Proof Rocket Stove 50 BMG Cooking and Heating
Bullet Proof Rocket Stove 50 BMG Cooking and Heating

The 50 BMG Gravity Feed Rocket Stove Heater is light enough to transport with the built in carry handle, and yet made from heavy duty 7 gauge steel thickness.  This stove can cook while tailgating, camping, cabins, hunting, fishing or even ice fishing. The heat output of this rocket stove can easily cook for a large family or group and easily pack up and take with you.  Recent disasters from hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and power outages have shown us supplies become in short supply quickly.  When disaster strikes and you are left without a way to keep your family warm and cook for your family you are putting your family at risk.

Built to last your lifetime and your children’s.  This stove is heavy duty.  Can easily convert from a cooking stove to an emergency heater with proper venting and piping.  Can be used to heat a tent or small cabin.

  • Burn Chamber Heavy Wall 7ga (.187 in) steel.
  • 5″ stoves accommodate larger amounts of fuel, flow and handle heat better.
  • This handy survival rocket stove heater is built to last a lifetime.
  • Handles heat better and ash tray also operates as an air damper to control burn rate.
  • Larger fuel chamber means longer burn/cook times.
  • Ergonomic center handle is designed to aid in balanced transportation and handling of a cool stove.
  • Great for sportsmen, campers, survivalists, preppers!
  • These produce little to no smoke with dry wood fuel.
  • The cooking temp is controlled by increasing or decreasing the amount of fuel used and air control.
  • Using dry sticks/twigs, scrap lumber, you have all the fuel you need to operate your rocket stove.
  • About anything you can cook on your kitchen stove top, you can cook on a rocket stove!
  • Caution!  Use care when using in a tent.  A well ventilated area is necessary.  Depending on tent material a fire proof hearth may be necessary.  This is not an indoor approved wood stove.  Use at your own risk.  Does not include venting: You can pick up venting pipe at an home improvement store.
Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves 50 BMG Rocket Stove Flame
Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves 50 BMG Rocket Stove Flame

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WARNING:  We are using galvanized vent pipe in a well ventilated tent until the galvanized coating is burned off.  There is a  very small risk from Zinc Oxide Fumes when using brand new galvanized vent pipe in a tightly sealed environment. Zinc Oxide fumes are produced at 3600 Deg F which no wood burning stove can even come close to reaching. It’s best to use 3 inch wood or stainless vent piping, but we want to show our mini-stove in an emergency situation using inexpensive venting.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 12 in


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