Bullet Proof RPG Gasifier Rocket Stove and Tent Heater

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Bullet Proof RPG Gasifier Rocket Stove and Wood Heater

Great for Tiny spaces, Tents, Ice Shanty, RVing, Camping, Emergency, or even as a Patio Heater.

Internal diverter allows cooking on the top of the stove when venting pipe is connected.

Outdoor Cooking or Heating with venting connected.

Ashtray allows you to control airflow and burn rate.  Burns wood or can burn wood pellets and charcoal.

Optional 7+ hour wood pellet hopper available.

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RPG Rocket Stoves and Emergency/Tent Heaters

If and when power goes out, are you prepared to heat and cook by alternative methods?

Recent disasters from hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and power outages have shown us supplies become in short supply quickly.  Propane and Gas stations are in such high demand that people wait in long lines just to get a chance at buying a couple gallons, and sellers raise prices when supplies fall short.  An RPG Rocket Stove Heater systems can not only save your life, but allow you to feed your family in an emergency.  When disaster strikes and you are left without a way to keep your family warm and cook for your family you are putting your family at risk .  Many homes use electric cooktops and this can leave you without a way to cook, sterilize water, and keep your family safe, warm, fed, and healthy.

You may just want to cook a meal outdoors while camping, tailgating, or just backyard cooking fun and the RPG Rocket Stove, burns just like the name implies.  Like a Rocket Propelled Grenade.  The RPG Gasifier Rocket Stove burns very efficiently, with very little smoke, and very very hot.  Enough output to cook a fish boil, or heat a small space.  The RPG Rocket Stove is the only stove like it on the planet.  This stove can burn wood logs up to 17.5″ inches long.  The 6 inch wide fuel chute allows you to load in the wood and have it burn longer than any other rocket stove.  The stove can also burn wood pellets without any adapters.  Just simply  load in wood pellets into the burn grate and control burn with damper and air flow through ashtray.  (with proper vent damper).  The RPG can put out enough heat to the burner to cook for a large group or family.

The RPG Gasifier Rocket Stove also has accessories available. The Griddle Me This, cook top allows you to boil water on the stove cooktop, while cooking food on the stainless steel cook surface.

The RPG can also be used as an emergency heating source by connecting 4 inch wood vent pipe to the stove.  (4 inch damper required in venting when vent vertically more than 5 feet)

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKrSw1Koa_8[/embedyt]

These stoves are NOT approved as indoor heating appliances. Use at your own risk.


Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 12 in

4 reviews for Bullet Proof RPG Gasifier Rocket Stove and Tent Heater

  1. Jim S

    This stove rocks. I love it. We bought it to cook on outside at our campground, but started using it on cold nights to heat our screened in porch. These guys have figured out how to make great little stoves.

  2. John Smalley MT

    OMG I love this heater. I installed it in my cabin. So small and yet throws alot of heat. Thanks Tyler for all the help setting it up. Awesome customer service.

  3. Tom Trulli

    What a great Christmas present. This thing rocks and I love that it is made in the USA. I am ordering vent pipe now, so I can use it for ice fishing. Great job.

  4. Julie Spark

    This thing is awesome. Thanks nicole for all your help.

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