Celox-A™ Hemostat Applicator

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Treats narrow entry wounds.

Suitable for bullet, blast or stab injuries.

High speed hemostat application system.

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Brand: Celox

Medical,Blood Stop


Bleeding from severe injuries such as gunshot wounds, stabbing or blast can be very difficult to stop.  Celox-A™ is a unique hemostat applicator delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules and designed to get through a small entry wound, directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds.

Celox-A has excellent results in independent testing (see graph) outperforming Combat Gauze1. Celox-A uses the proven Celox granules for maximum performance and reassurance of a safe, effective product.

Carry Celox-A for:

  • Small entry wounds.
  • Knife and shrapnel wounds.
  • Bullet entry wounds.
  • Apply through strong blood flows.
  • Controlled application to all wounds.

Celox-A is a pre-packed single-use applicator containing 6 g of Celox granules.

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