Deejo Black Titanium Coated 27g Olive Wood Handle Folding Knife


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Razor 27grs Mod: Wood olive wood Deejo.  9GB000001

A light, ultra-light Deejo, dressed in the matte black reflections of titanium, illuminated by the warm ocher of olive wood whose natural veins will never cease to amaze you.

Ultralight stainless steel razor Z40C13, matte finish.

Blade with “liner lock” type insurance. Belt clip.

Renowned for its robustness and antibacterial qualities, olive wood is a great classic in cutlery.

Highly praised by its fans for the beauty of its natural grain, each piece is unique according to the tree from which it comes, illuminates your Deejo with extraordinary arabesques of beige, and does not alter with humidity or the passage of time.

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