Deejo Wood 27g, Juniper wood 9CB002 pocket knife


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The Deejo Juniper Wood 27g is part of the Deejo wood collection. This pocket knife has a blade without a tattoo but with a stunning juniper wood handle. This gives the knife a cool and clean minimalist look and makes the wood stand out!

Juniper wood

This Deejo pocket knife has a handle made from Juniper wood. A stunning light-brown type of wood with nice random grains in the wood. As such each knife will be unique! The juniper is one of the toughest trees on earth. The tallest juniper forest can be found at 4900 meters altitude in Tibet, making it one of the tallest forests on earth. The scent of this wood is also very interesting. It smells a bit like pepper. The berry from this tree is used as flavouring for alcoholic beverages like gin!

Make a statement, carry a Deejo knife

Deejo produces charming and elegant pocket knives for a very appealing price. The Deejo knives are very popular in France and are also starting to become very popular in the rest of Europe. The knives do not only look great, they also weigh next to nothing! This makes them perfect to carry with you on a daily basis in your pocket, bag or jacket.

Because of the wide choice of Deejo knives there will be something for everyone. As a result you can select a knife that will suit you best! A Deejo knife is definitely a reflection of the person who carries it. It says something about you, about who you are and how you live your life. This makes a Deejo knife an indispensable accessory that will finish any outfit.

  • 3 1/2″ Closed Framelock
  • Deejo juniper wood 27g
  • 3″ satin finish 3cr13 stainless blade
  • Satin finish 2cr13 stainless open designed frame with juniper wood handles
  • Stainless pocket clip
  • EDC – Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

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