Emergen Sea Pro Water Desalinator


Own a system just like a commercial desalination plant, without the high cost.  This system is a High Pressure Desalination Kit.  Build your own water desalinator water filter.  All parts included to make sea water perfectly drinkable and pathogen free. Kits availabe that Produce 21 and 35 Gallons per hour just select options.



Whether you are installing this system on your sea going vessel, or you just need the ability to produce pure drinking water from sea or brackish water, this system will keep your family safe, with potable water from any source.  The average sailing vessel runs out of water way before it runs out of fuel. In the Bahamas you will pay 35 cents / gallon for the precious liquid yet almost 75% of our planet is covered with it.

Once you own a watermaker there is no going back.

Shower all you want, wash your boat deck and drink chemical free water with less dissolved solids than tap water.

The system can operate on a Honda EU2000i portable generator and spare enough power to charge your batteries at the same time. Using a small Honda generator you will make ~110 gallons of water with 1 gallon of gas.

It will also run from a 12 volt battery using a properly sized DC power inverter.

The system is 100% assembled with non proprietary “off the shelf parts” making maintenance a breeze.

Every part is labeled with a number system to make assembly a breeze.

The cost is 50% less than the competition due to our manufacturing abilities therefore bypassing the middleman on some components. Shop around, nobody can beat our price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many watts is the priming pump ?

The priming pump draws less than 100 watts.

How many watts is the high pressure pump ?

The Karcher pump draws about 900 watts.

Where should I install the membrane ?

The membrane can be mounted horizontal or vertical. Regardless which brand water-maker you decide to purchase, due to the organic nature of all membranes they cannot be installed next to a hot engine. Also, the air-cooled pumps may overheat if operated in a hot engine room.

What skills and tools are required to assemble the kit ?

This is not rocket science.

You will need to add teflon tape to the plastic threaded fittings and some very basic tools. Some fittings already have teflon tape, however, they may still need to be tightened. Every installation is unique therefore be prepared to turn a wrench.

What and Why are there shipping charges ?

This system is heavy and with the recent 30% increase in shipping from carriers, it takes about 5 days to prep your kit for shipment, then UPS or Priority mail 3 to 5 days anywhere in the US including territories for $119.00. International Orders vary depending on your country. Just contact us for shipping charges.  You can purchase the system through our website and we’ll just calculate the extra shipping charges for you country and bill you separately via paypal or credit card.

Can I use this on Fresh water sources and ocean water?

Yes.  With the RO membrane used, this system will purify just about any water source on the planet.

Can I run this system on a solar system or generator?

Yes.  The entire system will consume about 1000-1200 watts when operating, so a small generator, or solar system with a properly sized power inverter will operate the system in an emergency.

Additional information

Weight3.75 lbs
Dimensions12 × 48 × 12 in
Desalinator Options



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