Aftershock Emergency Food Program Subscription

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From: $49.99 / month

I need to stockpile emergency food, but I can’t afford it.

Now you can.


I know many people think it is a great idea to have emergency food on hand.  Preparing for disaster can be expensive.  Everyone should have a minimum 3 months food ready for the inevitable disaster, but simply can’t afford to buy thousands of dollars worth of food at one time.  We have a simple solution.  We allow you to build your stockpile over time with a simple subscription.  Every month we send you meals that will store for 25 years and amazingly they actually taste like real food.  Don’t believe us, try our samples by following the link below. The hardest parts of storing survival and emergency food is budgeting, time, and willing to stay on course to prepare for eventual needs.  WE CAN HELP and It is very easy.

Just choose the program you want to start with and we will ship you food every month and you just store it. It is just that easy.

Receive a FREE CT 4.0 Emergency Water Filter System with an annual subscription program at Level 2 or higher.

Don’t believe us that our food tastes great, just try our individual packages.  Feeds family of 4-5 for only $9+ shipping.



Brand: Aftershock


Why store emergency food you don’t want to eat?

The best emergency food is something you actually will want to eat.

Aftershock Emergency Food Comparison

The best tasting, 25 year shelf life* foods on the market.

Each Package Made to Feed a Family of 4-5 people

  • 100% USA Made by Americans
  • USA Grown
  • USA Packaged in USA Made Mylar Bags
  • Non GMO
  • NO Soy
  • NO MSG
  • Allergen Free
  • Low Sodium
  • NO Preservatives
After Shock Emergency Food Meals
After Shock Emergency Food Meals

Each shipment comes in a mylar bag ready for storage.  Servings range from 540-640 with a storage life up to 25 years.

Are you having trouble finding the money, time, or will to build your emergency food stores?

We have the answer.  Our Emergency Food Subscription Program will ship you a new balanced food supply every month.

worry about preppingWe make it as easy as ordering a pizza.

That’s it.  Meals will begin to show up ready to eat or be stored for a rainy day.  Easy to budget and get prepared.  With our simple program, you can be ready for any emergency with months of food in storage.  Never be caught without Food and Water Again.

Sign up for our Level 2 or 3 subscription and receive a FREE CT 4.0 Emergency Water Filter System with 2 extra sets of filters.*  (A $149 Value)

Free Gravity Water Filter System

Don’t Be Fooled By The Hype.

Many Freeze dried food companies advertise buckets with hundreds of servings, but what are you really getting?

120 servings from Company W: Total 26,300 calories.

120 servings from “Company W” will only last 1 person 13.2 days consuming 2000 calories/day

Cost per serving: $2.42 and a cost of $22.05 per 2000 calories.

120 servings from Aftershock: Total 76,800 calories.

120 servings from Aftershock will last 1 person 38.4 days consuming 2000 calories/day

Cost per serving: $1.80 and a cost of $5.63 per 2000 calories.

Which is a better Deal?  You know the answer.

Go ahead and compare our calories per meal to any other company.  Most companies servings are calculated at 250-300 calories.  That’s not a meal, but a snack.  Not ours.  With our average serving calorie 500-600 calories, you will feel full after eating our food and it tastes great too.











Shipments will include Breakfast and Main Course Meals including the following meals.

Aftershock emergency food case





Bulk Cases of Individual Meals

*Free CT 4.0 Water Filter System offer will be delivered upon completion of 1 year subscription at level 2 or 3.












Actual packaging and ingredients may differ slightly from photos due to availability.

Additional information


Level 1- 32 cups prepared, Level 2- 74 cups prepared, Level 3- 158 cups prepared

2 reviews for Aftershock Emergency Food Program Subscription

  1. Carol Devries UT

    Aftershock tastes really good. I was able to get in on the subscription program when they were testing it, and I have to say it is a great deal. 1 package is enough to feed my family of 5. That’s an awesome deal. We haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but looking forward to my next shipment in march. excited to finally get my food storage in order. by the end of the year I’ll have 5 months of food ready for any emergency. I recommend the program completely. Thanks to everyone at shtfandgo. good job. Carol.

  2. Jennifer Bailes

    I was a big fan of Wise and Mountain House, but I have to say I am so happy I found you. Thank you for answering all my questions. Great job. Can’t wait for next months shipment.

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