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This disaster blanket from the US military is perfect as a spare blanket for emergency situations. It does not launder well, but can be reused a number of times. Pack it in your bug-out kit, or prepper bag, and have it handy when the situation strikes. You have batteries and a spare radio together with flashlights and light sticks, but you may not have time to pack warm clothes when you need to go, add this blanket to your safety kit, and you won’t have to think about it again. Whether you need it underneath you to cushion the hard floor, or wrapped around you for warmth, be prepared.

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Wool Blend GI Disaster Blanket Used by U.S. Government relief agencies. Consists of 30% recycled wool and 70% man-made fibers. Size: 60″ x 90″. Greenish-grey color. Brand New.

Wool blankets are ideal for First Aid cots or to keep on-hand for patients requiring warmth.

Why Wool? In addition to its warmth and durability, there are many unique and important characteristics that set Wool apart from other fibers. Wool is inherently flame retardant, and it won’t melt. Wool helps to regulate body temperature. Its thermostatic properties protect the body from both cold and heat.

Wool is able to absorb humidity deep within the fiber, a feature that helps to regulate and absorb moisture on the skin’s surface. Wool is a natural insulator. Its natural crimp and elasticity gives woolen bedding the ability to store air and create a perfect insulation layer which helps the body maintain its ideal temperature.

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