IN-CASE Solar Powered Water Purifier


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50-60 Gallons Per Hour Production.

The ultimate in high production portable water purifier systems

  • Missionary Work
  • Military
  • Off-Grid/ Prepper
  • Camping/ Hunting
  • Emergency/ Survival
  • Humanitarian Needs

These are custom built: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Brand: SHTFandGO


Use:  With proper maintenance this system will produce .8-1.0 GPM of water productions.  Depending on the water source and your situation you can run the system on pump only or with the additional protection of UV Sterilization.  Battery life and output will be less when using the UV System. When used properly, 99.999% of all bacteria is removed by this water system rendering water safe for human consumption.  We have achieved 5000+ gallons of output without any changes of filters, but this will require regular maintenance.  Become familiar with the components and their uses.  If you have any questions about the use of the system our office will be more than happy to help you.  Customer Service Line 612-888-7483 or email:


Battery:  18 AH Sealed Lead Acid

Pump: 12 volt DC, 3.0 Amp, 100 Psi Diaphragm Self Priming Pump, Auto Pressure Shutoff and    Thermally Protected

Solar Load Management:  10 Amp Max, Battery Charging, Load Monitor, (2) USB Charging Ports, Overcharge Protections, Low Charge Protection, Run Hour Monitor

Stainless Steel Water Purifier:  Silver Impregnated .2 nominal size Ceramic Filter with Silver Activated Carbon (5000+ Gallons)

UV Sterilizer:  7-10 Watts, 12 volt DC, Bulb Life 5000 Hours (approx 250,000 Gallons)

ION Exchange:  Lowers Total Dissolved Solids through ION E Resin (5000 Gallons)

Dynamo:  Crank Charging System provides up to 30 Watts 12 volt DC

Manual Backup Pump:  Stainless Steel.  Back up pump if if all electronics fail.

Solar Panels: Mono Crystal 12 Volt DC, 1.5 Amp, Flexible

Switches: Waterproof Push button

Alarm Shutoff:  Audible Sound when unit is in default from a water leak and shut down system until reset and dry.

Instructions:  After unboxing and before use follow instructions for best care, maintenance and trouble free use.

The system will need some assembly:

Battery:  The Battery will need to be plugged in.  On the battery you will find (2) wires.  The short wire lead is used for charging the battery outside of the case using the included international wall charger.  The long lead with a (male( fitting will need to be plugged into the (female) lead attached to the charge controller.  When travelling via air travel be sure to unplug this lead to be TSA compliant.

Silver Ceramic Filter with Silver Activated Carbon:  (1) Ceramic filter is shipped inside the stainless steel housing.  Just simply pull up on the stainless housing, removing from the case plastic clips.  Unscrew the housing from the base and inside the housing you will find the ceramic filter wrapped in plastic protective coating.  Peel off the plastic and remove the nut attached to the bottom, leaving the gasket in place.  Screw the ceramic filter into the stainless steel base until hand tight. You do not need to over tighten.  Screw back on the stainless housing and re-install into the case.  The ceramic filter will need regular cleaning and servicing depending on how dirty the water source is.  If water production slows down remove and clean the ceramic filter with the included scrubby pad and re-install.  These filters will get pretty nasty after a lot of use.

Pre-Filter:  Just simply slide the pre-filter over the stainless steel water pick up screen and tight the string tight at the base.  You will need to remove and clean this at regular intervals, so be sure to tie a knot that can be removed.  We typically suggest tying it like a shoe with a double slip knot.

UV Sterilizer:  You will find a styrofoam block containing both the glass sleeve, gasket, and UV bulb.  Remove the UV assembly from the case and unscrew the knurled nut from the UV sterilizer.  Remove the Glass Tube and roll the orange(red) gasket over the tube and roll the gasket within a half inch(10 mm) from the open side of the tube.  Insert the glass tube into the UV opening with the open side facing the threads.  Next remove the UV bulb using a cloth, paper towel, or any other soft material.  Becare not to touch the glass portion of the bulb.  This can shorten the life of the UV Bulb.  Plug the (4) connectors on the bulb into the black wire lead that runs through the knurled nut and black plastic wire protector.  The wire will slide through the nut.  Insert the bulb into the glass tube as far as it will go and thread on the stainless knurled nut hand tight.

Ion Exchange and Virus Filter:  This unit is already in place and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Water Leak Alarm:  When the unit is powered up, the alarm with beep once.  A green light will illuminate when the system is in operation.  If a water leak is detected the red light and alarm will sound.  You will need to find and tighten any leaks in the system and dry the unit out.  The sensor can be removed and dried to reset the 2 metal bars.  Be care not to tug on the wire too hard.

Pump:  No maintenance is involved.  The pump is a sealed bearing unit and should not need servicing for the life of the unit (approximately 10,000 hours)  The pump has a high pressure cut off and if the pump doesn’t run for very long this is an indication the ceramic filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Manual Pump:  There is no maintenance on this device other than to be sure the push connector on the intake side of the pump is securely attached to the tubing.

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