MAI Laceration Tray Kit with Sterile Instruments


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The Medical Action Laceration Tray with Instruments makes the use of tending to lacerations a whole lot easier. It is always better to have a kit with the equipment you need to accomplish your task and treat the patient readily available. Tending to patients wounds in any healthcare setting is better with a kit that supplies what the industry standards are for the treatment of these kinds of wounds.

The Medical Action 68259 Pre-packaged Sterile Laceration Kit includes instruments such as forceps, scissors, and gauze – just to name a few; a full list of the kit is listed below. All items in the package are sealed tightly in a single container. The instruments and items in the package are individually packaged also to reduce the risk of contamination if the package was to rip. The sterile feature reduces the risk of infection to the sensitive wound caused by bacteria.

When using the laceration kit, proper protective wear should be worn while taking on the procedure. Gloves should be worn, and the wound should be prepped. If you are running low on supplies, you may like to take a look at some of our wound care supplies to keep you stocked and ready for your patient’s sake.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Pre-packed Kit
  • Provided in a Wrapped Sterile Package
  • Used for Tending to Lacerations
  • Quick and Convenient for Clinics and Hospitals

Contents Include

  • (1) Inst: NH 5-inch Baumgartner Ser
  • (1) Inst: Forcep 1 x 2 5-inch Tissue Wire Tooth
  • (1) Inst: Scissor 4.5-inch Wire w/PP Stainless Steel
  • (5) Gauze: 4 x 4-inch, 8 Ply
  • (1) Drape: 18 x 26-inch, Fen 3-inch White Tissue Poly
  • (2) Towel: Blue Blotting 4 Ply
  • (1) Towel: 17 x 19-inch Poly Tissue Wht 1 Ply
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