Prepper Survival Medicine Handbook


A Life-Saving Collection of Emergency Procedures from U.S. Army Field Manuals
By Scott Finazzo

A handy guide to field-tested medical procedures specifically designed for critical times when no doctor is available.

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You may know the Heimlich maneuver or maybe you are CPR certified, but are you prepared to provide any other first aid or medical treatment in an emergency. Instead of hoping that a doctor or first responder will be there when needed, you can use this book to quickly learn proven methods for treating serious, even life-threatening, medical conditions on their own. Brings together the most useful information from several recently decommissioned U.S. Army manuals, this helpful guide will be a lifesaver if you find yourself isolated from civilization or caught in the midst of a catastrophic event. It provides vital step-by-step instructions for everything from stabilizing injuries and preventing shock to creating a makeshift splint and controlling blood loss. Even seemingly minor events—such as bites, stings and exposure to poisonous plants—can escalate into dangerous situations without proper care. This book details exactly how to deal with both minor and major conditions. Since these treatments have been tested year after year by U.S. Army personnel, you can trust that you’re doing the right thing in any and every emergency.

July 2016

192 Pages

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