Survival Bracelet


The Paracord is essential in almost every survival situation and has an unlimited number of uses

✔ Fishing
✔ Shoe Lace
✔ Making Shelter
✔ Sling for Broken Bones
✔ Reaching High Objects
✔ Lowering Heavy Objects
✔ Repairs
✔ Hunting Traps / Snares

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✔ Start a Fire

✔ Whistle for attention

✔ Navigate out of danger

✔ Serrated tool for cutting rope

✔ Multi Use Paracord (3m)

Survival bracelets are made for military personnel, survivalists, preppers and everyday outdoorsman. Tested and proven by Special Operations, our series of paracord bands are specifically designed to provide you with the essential equipment for survival in the hardest of environments. This operations ban is not your typical paracord “survival” bracelet and is designed to give you the components you can count on. Designed by special forces the components in the survival bracelet give you the 5 essential tools you need in every survival situation Fire, Compass, Rope, Knife and Whistle.

Come in black, camo blue-green, camo green, green, tan, and rainbow.

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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions0.5 × 8 × 6 in


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