Xpectre Nomad Survival Bow



The Nomad Survival Bow and Arrow Set is the most compact take down bow on the market.
When stored in the carrying pouch, this survival bow measures 17 1/2 inches and weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces.
Fully assembled, this bow measures 48inches.

The 2 piece fiberglass/aluminum limbs assemble together by slipping the bottom section into the top section bracket.
Place the two pieces into the riser bracket down to the notch pic and you are ready to go!.
Assembly requires no tools. Just string the bow and its ready to shoot.

Please ensure the limbs are braced against the riser when stringing.

The Super Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow comes standard with 3 survival arrows that simply twist together. The Nomad’s caring pouch is used as a quiver that will sling over the back or tightened around the waist to hold the fully assembled arrows while hunting.
• Compact take down design made in the USA
• Available in 45 lb. draw only. (measured at 28 inches)
• Super strength fiberglass riser and limbs
• Arrow rest included
• Includes 3 break down arrows and carrying case
*All risers come with a right and left handed rest.

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Weight3 lbs


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