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Today We Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day is so much more than a extra day off from work or a day to barbecue with friends and family.

Many think Memorial Day is like Veterans Day but  it isn’t.  Yes it does show support for our troops, but for the soldiers that gave all of us everything they had to give.

Again no day is a bad day to thank a vet but if we become convinced that Memorial Day is about those of us that served and came back home, we miss the point. Memorial Day is more somber, it is about those who fell in battle and never again got up, it is about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, it bluntly is about those who died.

Today at some point just pause and think about that. Think about the 4,400 of our US service members that have fallen in Iraq, the 2,000 in Afghanistan, the 47,000 in Vietnam, 33,000 in Korea, 291,000 in WWII, 53,000 in WWI or perhaps the 212,000 that fell on both sides in the War Between the States.

To put it in perspective here are just some of the memorials we owe.

1American Civil War      1861–1865     750,000

2World War II    1941–1945     405,399

3World War I    1917–1918    116,516

4Vietnam War      1961–1975      58,209

5Korean War      1950–1953      54,246

6American Revolutionary War     1775–1783     25,000

7War of 1812     1812–1815     15,000

8Mexican–American War     1846–1848     13,283

9War on Terror       2001–present     6,7171

10Philippine–American War      1899–1902      4,196

Please join us in remembering.