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Survival Skills you should know or learn

Disasters and emergency situations are an inevitable part of our life. It is how we respond to such situations that plays a major factor on our survival. You may have all the knowledge about prepping but as we all know a disaster can change everything in an instant and you may be forced to survive without your emergency survival kits. Without the right skills for survival your chances of surviving a disaster or emergency situation will be greatly affected. It is important to understand that because of modern commodities our knowledge for basic survival has greatly diminished.  This will basically have a negative effect to us in an extended disaster survival situation and can mean the difference between life and death. Here are the basic survival skills that you need to know or learn in order to ensure you and your family’s chances of survival:

Learn how to grow food and or find it.

Disasters can change everything in an instant. You may be well prepared to survive indoors but what if you are forced to survive outdoors without any supplies? This is where self sufficiency with acquiring food becomes a necessity. Growing food for your family as well as the hunting and gathering approach are the best skills to learn to keep you and your family from starving when surviving outdoors.

  • Grow your own survival food.
  • Know what wild plants and insects are edible.
  • Ways to fish without the tradition equipment.
  • Hunting with trap and snares.

How to find water and purify it.

This is the most important skill everyone should learn in order to survive. As we all know it is impossible for us to survive without water so it is important to understand the importance of knowing how to get and purify water. You need to realize that unless your water source is a spring chances are your water supply will run out and you need to find an alternative source. Knowing how to purify your drinking water is also very important to ensure that it is clean and potable.

Learn about clothing repair.

You need to master this skill as clothing is one of the most important elements when surviving. From basic sewing to making clothes from bolts of cloths or leather it is important to master this skill to help ensure your chances of survival.

Learn basic grooming skills.

Basic grooming skills are very important to learn to keep your family clean and healthy in a survival situation. Keep in mind that being healthy is one of the most important factors in ensuring you and your family’s survival.

Learn first aid.

During a disaster situation you cannot expect to get medical professional help so it is important to know how to treat yourself and others as it will be your only chance in a emergency situation. Every household or group should have a good first aid manual and kit before and during a disaster situation.

How to start and maintain a fire.

This is one of the most essential skills you need to learn in order to ensure your survival either indoors or outdoors. Learning how to start a fire and have it going when you need it can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Fire can be used to cook food and purify water not to mention keep you and your family warm ensuring your chances of survival.

Learn how to defend yourself and be willing to do it.

Owning a firearm and knowing how to use it is one of the most basic things to learn to ensure that you are able to protect yourself and your family in a emergency situation. It is important to understand that during a disaster or emergency situation there will be a lot of desperate people who will not think twice in harming you and your family just to get to your supplies. Defending yourselves with clubs, knives, and basic hand to hand combat are also necessary skills to learn.

Learn and train your mind to expect the totally unexpected.

Disaster situations can change everything in an instant, but no matter how much we know this actual disaster and survival events will surely freak us out. Training ourselves to prepare and practice all sorts of drills for various horrors is great way to prepare us for such situations. You also have to keep in mind that there will always be a big possibility of something strange, weird, and frightening things to happen when in a survival situation. By doing this you will eventually condition your mind to accept such scenarios.

Understand the world and potential disasters that await.

Keep in mind that timing is everything and knowing how to react and respond properly to disaster or pending disasters can mean the difference between life and death. This can be done by monitoring world and local news and be informed and aware to see a situation developing and act on it before it actually occurs. It is important to understand that knowledge plays a vital part in ensuring your survival.

Learn and condition yourself into a survival mentality.

Everyone has to learn the skill of scrounging around and finding what they need. You must learn to see in your mind that certain items can be very useful for your survival. Having a survival mentality will greatly increase your chances in finding solutions to problems that will surely occur in a survival situation.

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How to Prepare for a Life or Death Situation

I have no idea why, but fear seems to be a subject that is rarely discussed or addressed when it comes to self-defense training. In a real situation you are probably going to be absolutely scared witless. When it comes to addressing fear, you avoid the subject like the plague. Yet it plays a vital part in our survival.

When it comes to self-defense, the failure to acknowledge fear and its part in survival is preparing for failure. You must understand how fear works, how you react to it, and how you can make it work for you.

Fear is not only natural, but you can guarantee in the emotional pressure cooker of a real situation that you will experience it. Accepting that you will experience fear is an important step to trying to overcome it. The adrenal dump we experience in the fight-or-flight mode of our sympathetic nervous system is a natural part of the process of fear. While the experience of fear and the adrenal dump aren’t one and the same, they certainly show up hand in hand when things go south.

If your body is a loaded gun, then your mind is the trigger. If you can’t pull the trigger, you are in trouble. Teaching the mind to pull the trigger rather than to hit the power switch is a difficult skill to develop and especially hard to implement with a window of opportunity that lasts only a few seconds. Overcoming that fear and having the confidence to act decisively is the name of the game if we want to survive an assault.
Learning to confront fears in day-to-day life and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable can help us develop our inner strength. Learning to work past your power switch. We are all creatures of convenience and comfort, but gravitating toward doing things that make us uncomfortable and facing other fears rather than putting them in the too hard basket can help us become more confident. It can highlight how we respond to and act in the presence of fear and what we can do about it.
Confidence is often defined as believing in yourself. I think this is absolute dribble. If confidence is a belief, then you could believe (without any swimming lessons) that you can swim, but when you jump in the pool and sink to the bottom, you may find believing in yourself doesn’t work. But if confidence is your actual capacity to employ some tactical, psychological, and physical skills even when you are scared, then I think confidence is one the most important attributes you can develop.
Remember the mind comes first. Techniques are useless unless they can be applied tactically and with intent. People survive deadly assaults every day with no physical self-defense training whatsoever. This is because of instincts, luck, and having some of the tactical, physical, and psychological skills necessary to survive. This indicates to me very much of survival is determined by mindset.
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Many times a girl finds herself exposed. Many times a girl finds herself vulnerable. And if you like your independence (like me), you don’t like the idea of being unprepared when walking down a dark alley late at night or when you simply must stop a jerk from being a jerk! According to statistics women are twice more likely to be attacked then men. Keep calm, evaluate the situation and be prepared! If things spiral out of control, take action! All women should be able to counter aggression in order to defend themselves. I always am. How about you? Let’s have a look at some items that are easily fitted in a purse and can be more then effective in case your safety is on the line. This is what makes attackers live a living hell:

PEPPER SPRAY is probably the most common item in a girl’s arsenal. It’s what I always carry around. I got to use it once too. I can assure you: it works! It’s very effective from a distance, it can be used to subdue an attacker before he or she even get the chance to step into your personal space. Once you render your attacker unable to see, you can take your chance to flee from the confrontation or apply direct blows. Many come in small tubes, having a key chain to which you can attach your keys. Others come in larger tubes. The braver girls out there should know that large cans of bear mace are available for purchase. Some are even disguised as common lipsticks, to make it easier to reach for without attracting too much attention.


THE HONEYCOMB HAIRBRUSH made by Cold Steele is a very innocent looking blade disguised as a fully functional hairbrush. The brush head pulls off, revealing a pointy blade attached to the handle. It’s very durable and strong, as it’s made from Zytel (a stiff nylon fiberglass composite). The blade has no cutting edges. It’s meant for stabbing, not slashing. So keep in mind some arm strength is required to thrust this into flesh! An alternative to the honeycomb hairbrush is the COMB KNIFE. Its blade is similar to that of the brush, serving the same purpose.

Honeycomb Brush Honeycomb Brush Comb Knife Comb Knife

THE BRASS KNUCKLES is yet another easy to reach for item which can inflict pain upon everyone who tries to mess with you. It’s used for close combat. Slip your fingers in the holes and if your arm is strong enough you can easily knock out your attackers. As an alternative, the KUBOTAN (aka. NINJA SPIKE) can be used in a similar way. The difference is that its spikes can pierce through skin, leaving open wounds. It can also do irrecoverable damage to the eyes, so use with care and only if you must! Both of the items also come as key chains.


Brass Knuckles self-defense6 Kubotan

THE OPEN ASSIST KNIFE is a small switchblade-like weapon which can easily open with thumb. It’s not a regular switchblade, as these are illegal in most states. This tiny knife comes in many shapes and sizes. Some have regular strait blades, while others have curved blades, acting as a meat hook. Most states allow the carry of a blade no longer than 3’’. It can be used for slashing and stabbing alike and it can easily pierce through regular clothing. Best brands out there are Spyderco and Emerson.

self-defense8 Open Assist Knives

THE TASER or STUN GUN is one of the most popular choices in self defense gear. It’s small, easy to use and it renders everything with a nervous system useless in seconds. It fires an electroshock at the target via 2 electrodes of 50K V instant and 1.2K V sustained. Earlier models were only suitable for close quarter encounters, but newer models (available to police and military forces only) are capable to shoot the electrodes up to a distance of 30 feet. For those of you who value the element of surprise know that you have stun guns available, cleverly disguised as ordinary mobile phones.

self-defense9 Stun Gun self-defense-10 Stun Gun Phone

THE RUGER LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT PISTOL (LCP) is the perfect choice for the most action loving girls out there. Is one of the smallest calibers available (.380 ammo), but it’s more then enough to even be fatal. It was released in 2008 as a back-up weapon for police forces and as a self-defense weapon for civilians. It’s small and light, weighing only 9.4 ounces. It comes with a leather holster, but it can easily be stored in a regular pocket. It’s a firearm which can be fatal if used irresponsibly, so be cautious!

self-defense-11 The LCP

You might be tempted to think that these gadgets is what give you the upper hand in a direct confrontation, but you’d be wrong. KEEPING CALM, is what will always save your skin, even if you’re unarmed. If you find yourself being the target of an aggression and you’re unarmed, remember there are many things you can use for self defense. Your skull could be the first line of defense, as in most cases women are approached from behind. You can hit his nose with the back of your had or even with the forehead, if he stands in front of you.

One of the advantages of being a woman is that most times you carry a purse around. Grab the first thing from your bag that you can turn into a weapon: a pen /pencil can be used for stabbing, keys for scratching and wounding and deodorant spray for attacking the eyes. High heels and stilettos can be used as a very efficient self defense weapon if you can manage to take your shoes of sand slip your hand inside of them. This way you can protect yourself from blade attacks and even attack yourself.

Remember: just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you’re easy prey. Fight back with everything you have!