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  • HAGA Reveals 2 Essential Skills Needed to Store Prepper Seeds Properly

Incline Village, NV, May 03, 2015 –(– A spokesman for Home and Garden Americarecently shared two important skills that all survivalists should learn when it comes to storing their prepper seeds for emergency situations. Proper seed storage plays a major role in survival gardening, and should be included in any household’s survival plan.

“Survival gardening is crucial to anyone planning a doomsday preparedness program. The current interest in survival skills and emergency preparedness items has created a whole new market in survival prepping wares. Since most people don’t really have the background necessary to evaluate their needs during a crisis situation, they often overlook the role that a good stock of garden survival seeds would play,” the spokesman stated.

“We have identified two essential skills that survivalists would need when it comes to using any seeds that they had stored away for emergencies. First is the ability to successfully store the seeds so that they will perform right when you need them to. Second is knowing how and when to plant them for the best results,” he continued.

“Planting seeds properly in the right soil will ensure that you have something to eat for the long-term. Storing seeds from the vegetables you grow will provide a never-ending supply of wholesome food for you and your family,” he went on.

“These two things are covered in a downloadable PDF document that we’ve made available to everyone who buys our seeds. The PDF contains all the critical information that a prepper needs to store their survival seeds. There are clear instructions on storing the seeds for either short-term or long-term use, as well as for refrigerating and/or freezing the seeds. Our seeds are packaged in a way that will hold up well when being stored. We don’t vacuum seal our seeds because they are living organisms that require a certain amount of air in order to survive,” he concluded.

More information can be obtained on Home and Garden America’s website.

Chuck Harmon is an expert in the field of survival gardening. He collects heirloom prepper seeds to secure a continuous food supply.