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Booby Traps – A Historically Proven Component of Psychological Warfare

Booby traps are devices set up with the intent to surprise, harm, or even kill a unknowing victim. They are triggered by the presence or unwitting actions of another.

Booby traps have been used since ancient times. Cave drawings indicate even prehistoric humans used them as a means of capturing prey, such as in “pit falls” where a large hole is dug and spikes placed inside. The hole is then covered.

Historically speaking, booby traps do not win wars. They are, however, considered a key element in psychological warfare. Also known as PSYWAR, psychological warfare is by definition, something that is done to either deceive, manipulate or otherwise influence an opponent and to incite hopelessness, fear, despair and loss of morale. Used extensively in WWII and Vietnam, booby trap effects have caused many surviving soldiers long-term pain and trauma.They can also be an effective early warning system. However, they can also cause civilian casualties, be inadvertently set off by friendlies or neutral people within the vicinity, and sometimes even by animals or natural events. They are also dangerous to set up if using any explosive materials. Caution should be used. One way to hopefully limit unnecessary injury would be to secure the perimeter with non lethal alert devices. Hopefully once someone has realized they are approaching traps, they will turn around. If they continue, then chances are they are either hostile or being driven that direction by hostile forces.

Booby traps come in two main categories: anti tank, and anti personnel. We will start with the former.

Automatic road blocks work much in the same way as a regular trip wire except that they designed in ways that impede traffic and damage vehicles. The end of a strong wire is attached to a secure point on one side of the road. Perhaps looped around a large tree. On the other side it is attached to something to be pulled into the road. A common option is to attach an anchor to another tree and chop it almost to the point of falling. The cord must be taut and high enough that a vehicle will pull it in the correct direction and not run over it. The cut tree is pulled down into the road, damaging the vehicle and effectively creating a road block. This method was employed by the Japanese when fighting the Allied Forces in the Philippines. It can be effective as a standalone device to slow the opposition, or as onset of an ambush.

Another trip wire mechanism that can be adjusted to block a road, is a simple explosive charge set next to a makeshift retaining wall on a hill or cliff. Rocks, stones, branches and debris are piled behind the obstruction. It may be necessary to route the wire through small anchors to adjust for the angle of the hill. Once armed and triggered, a small avalanche plummets onto the road, injuring and blocking enemy forces.

Caltrops have been used since Medieval times, possibly earlier, as a way to impede incoming troops and damage cavalry and have since evolved into an effective way to combat automobiles. A metal worker can create them quite easily out of small hollow pipes that are bent and welded together. This option allows for more rapid air escape and therefore faster deflation and blowout of the tire; theoretically any metal strong enough and sharp enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle can be used as long as it is fashioned in such a way that one blade is always pointing up.

Even vehicles themselves have been used as booby traps. A charge can be detonated by opening the door, or turning on the ignition (which seems to be popular in the movies). Bombs can also be detonated by impact, where the cars themselves were used as roadblocks. If an armored vehicle attempts to simply pummel through and push the vehicles aside, they explode.

Now we get to the category where most preppers are focusing their efforts. Home invasion protection and anti personnel defensive booby traps.

The most common booby trap as far as prepping is concerned is probably the trip wire. Easy to set up with nothing more than a piece of string and a personal panic alarm. It is easily improvised and can detonate explosives, fire weapons, or activate spotlights for early detection.

Pressure plates can be simple DIY projects, or can be purchased prefabricated. Again, these can be improvised to either turn on lights, sound an air-horn, or detonate explosives. I personally would not attach explosives to these as they are usually placed quite close to your residence as a final warning someone has made it to your door. Some can be quite sensitive and can easily be activated by a dog or other fair-sized animal. If you are placing them further away from your home, or do not care about potential house fire, explosives could be used. One additional and interesting use for these is their ability to be an automatic door opener, if you want a secret entrance and hide it well.

Mobility Denial System (MDS) is a deterring slime that can come in handy (if you can get your hands on any) It is a last line of defense as it will create an impassable surface directly around your home for 6-12 hours. It was invented for the Marine Corps and police riot protection. It is not readily available, however if you were to put your mind to it, you could up with something along the same lines. You want to deter any hostile party, by any means necessary, before they ever get that close to you, and preferably either drive them back or keep them at bay until you can retaliate.

Spikes. They can be as simple as large nails in boards turned upwards around your yard in the tall grass. They could be placed over a hole so that when stepped on with any force, the person’s foot snaps the board, goes into the hole and the nails impale their ankles. In times of war they were often coated with toxic material or feces to promote infection. Some people attach them to stones or logs to create pendulum contraptions that are triggered by a trip wire. Personally I find this a foolish waste of time. A well-trained individual can evade such a device. It would probably take less time to dig small trenches, which might at least sprain some ankles, but to each their own. Spikes on boards can also be weighted and submerged into creek beds and ponds.

Razor wire and barbed wire is another option for underwater depending on how long it stays there. It can also be used similarly to trip wire in heavily vegetative areas where it can be concealed. I’d recommend a matte finish, camouflaged to blend in. In can be used along top fencing, around windows etc… Anywhere you would want to deter someone, perhaps diverting them into even more unfavorable habitat where you have a greater advantage.

Bullets can be set inside a small section of bamboo, atop a firing pin, and buried until just the tip is exposed. If stepped on with any amount of force the bullet explodes.

Hand Grenades. If you can acquire them, all you need is a tin can and a piece of string and duct time and you can secure any door. This is dangerous for the person loading them, but were widely used in WWII and Vietnam. Tie a string around the grenade under the handle. Depress the trigger handle and pull the pin. Quickly and carefully slide it into the tin can. Secure the can somewhere with tape or wedge it tightly. Attach the string to a door handle or use as a trip wire. When the door is open or trap is triggered, the grenade dislodges from the can and detonates.

Remember that booby traps are just one element in the line of defense. Their primary purpose is to slow down the enemy, instill fear, reduce moral, and possibly to injure, maim, or kill. The time these traps may buy you can be greatly varied. Use it wisely and remember, offense and defense are opposite sides of the same coin. You need both or you are broke.

Recognizing the extreme injustice of recent liability suits awarding home invaders large sums for getting injured while burglarizing a house, it could be considered foolish to construct booby traps unnecessarily, regardless of intention or the degree of danger. That being said, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t use them, or wish they had them to use, when put into a potentially deadly situation.

Stay safe, and happy prepping!

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90 Days part two

What you have to look forward to in a collapse situation:
Black Friday madness reveals animalistic behavior of modern people
Multiply this x everywhere!

I left off in Part 1 talking about mapping software.  There is other software out there but this is what I use. This software will let me print my maps as well. Use your mapping software to plan the locations of your caches as well as your AO of relocation for the 90 days.

Include a good field guide to edible plants, with actual photos rather than drawings. Get one with plants native to your geographical area. Don’t leave a path of destruction behind you, leave some to re-populate the area. Outdoor Life has a good book on edible plants titled: Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide.

Learn and practice Bushcraft skills. If you lose your main pack, these can sustain you until you retrieve your next cache. Keep your maps and compass upon your person, as well as your GPS if you use one. Store your map in a Gallon size Ziploc bag. Have a “Survival” kit that never leaves your person except to sleep, and is then kept by or under your pillow (a rolled up M-65 field jacket) and tethered to your belt. Learn to identify at least 10 wild edible plants.

The minimum for your “Survival” kit is the means to: Start a fire – matches, firesteel or butane lighter (3 methods is great), medium folding knife (suggest Buck 110) and small knife sharpener, water purification tablets or Frontier Straw, ziplock bag or soda bottle – to carry water, Mylar space blanket (x2) – shelter and warmth, 20 feet of Duct tape, and bug repellant.

A deck of Wild Edible Plant Playing Cards would be a great addition also. Currently available on Amazon, Camping Survival , US games Systems, Inc.  and others. Do a web search and find even more links at a variety of prices.

Many hikers advocate traveling with a minimalist pack, using ultralight equipment. This would allow you to move quickly if pursued. A light pack also means sacrificing comfort, so there is a need to balance utility with ease. You don’t want to make the experience any worse than it is. If you can afford it, get the U.S. Army surplus bivvy cover (or the the complete sleeping setup). They can be purchased for a reasonable price and are made from Gore-Tex (no relation to Al Gore thankfully) a waterproof breathable fabric. I have heard claims that you can sleep in a mud puddle without getting wet using one. This would eliminate the need to carry a tent, just bring a 6’x8′ or 8’x10′ tarp to cover your gear and make a small shelter when you are not in your bivvy. Don’t forget bug repellant and mosquito netting for the warmer months.

When traveling the backwoods, it is prudent to be prepared for an encounter with bears. This means cooking and eating away from where you will be sleeping. There are specific containers that are made for storing your food in when traveling in bear country. Whether you use one or not is your personal choice, but be prepared to suspend your food in a heavy contractors trash bag from a tree limb more than ten feet off the ground. Other pesky critters might make a try for your food so be prepared to trap them and add them to your food supply. Bring several snares or 220 Conibears to catch them.

Encountering a bear on the trail, or worse yet, in your camp can be a very scary and dangerous experience. Purchase at least two canisters of bear spray for each person, hanging one from your pack straps when hiking, and have a holster to hold the canister when you are moving about camp or foraging for food or firewood.

One such supplier of pepper spray and bear spray is Buy Pepper Spray Today. They have other self defense items for sale also, such as stun guns, batons and kubotans.

It would be advisable to have a powerful handgun also if you are traversing known bear territory. The smallest caliber I would personally carry would be a .357 Mag with hot loads. A .40 caliber or larger weapon would be better yet. No handgun? Then a shotgun with slugs and 00 buckshot alternated in the magazine.

A newer development that I have been following is the Mexican drug cartels are moving into the wilderness areas closer to their markets and setting up shop growing weed for the surrounding areas. There have been several record busts in Washington and Oregon of late.

This creates a twofold problem. If you are looking to setup caches, you may run into the cartel operations or the DEA out looking for them. Neither one is a good encounter.

By: Selous Scout

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How to Conceal Your Weapons | DIY Gun Safes



Make your own gun safes out of household objects. Knowing how and where to conceal your weapons at home in case of an emergency is very important. What’s the point in owning a gun if you can’t access it in an emergency? What happens if the predator finds your gun before you do. You’ll find the answer below.

The best way to conceal your weapons so they’re safe day in and day out, but readily accessible in an emergency.

Hiding Your Guns

Why Guns Are More Important Than Ever It’s easy to make fun of disaster movies, but events like Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans are proof that as a culture, we really are only three hot meals away from anarchy. We can’t help the fact that sometimes, systems break. Tornados take out power plants, earthquakes level buildings, floods erase entire city blocks. When that happens, survival instincts kick in. People collect food, water, medicine, and whatever else they think they’ll need to make it through the disaster. It sounds so civilized when described that way. In reality, it means looting. Most people don’t stock more than 4 days of food at home. Water comes from a tap. Medicines are things we buy as needed at Walgreens. When that security is taken away, people don’t neatly line up outside a shop and wait for the manager to fill out a disaster insurance claim while his employees fairly distribute the goods within. The first wave of people show up with money and buy everything they can fit in their cars. The next wave shows up with weapons and takes whatever is left. If emergency supplies aren’t brought in from an outside source, once well stocked stores are looted, people will turn to preying on their neighbors. When an armed group of hungry thugs turns up at your door, you want to be able to greet them with a gun. Preferably, you want everyone in your family to greet them with guns. In an emergency situation, having a gun on hand isn’t just self defense. Guns can diffuse a potentially violent situation. Imagine your home town has suffered a devastating natural disaster. You’re well prepared and holed up. Desperate people, a little crazy from both hunger and fear, break into your home. If you’re defending yourself with a mix of baseball bats, a rock in a sock, and broken glass bottles, someone is going to get hurt—probably both you and them. On the other hand, if someone breaks in and you level a gun at them, they stop. If all goes well, you can now talk them into leaving. If it goes badly, you can shoot them from a distance without giving them a chance to injure you. People who would cheerfully club you over the head with a broken pipe will back away from a gun. Being armed protects both you and your potential attacker.

learn to make this DIY wall gun safe at

hiding your weapons at home  [image via]

Hiding and Storing Your Weapons at Home

A gun safe is a wonderful thing for houses with children. However, if a burglar breaks into your house at 2 in the morning, you won’t have time to scramble through the dark, feed it the combination, then find and load your gun in the dark. For self defense purposes, you want your weapons where you can access them at any time. A gun safe is incredibly convenient. It’s also a good place to store your more valuable guns, any collector items, or weapons your family hasn’t trained with yet. That last part is the most important. Before you strategically hide your guns in your home, you need to make sure every single person living there knows where to find them and how to use them. If you don’t take that precaution, you might as well be arming potential attackers. A gun in the hand of someone who doesn’t know how to use it is a gift to the person they’re defending themselves from. Before you start storing your guns outside a gun safe, take everyone in your household to a firing range and make sure they know how to use, load, clean, empty, and safely store any weapon you’ll have secreted about. Once everyone in your household is trained up, you want to hide your guns where they’re easily accessible to you but not obvious to strangers. . .

But wait – where do we hide them? How do we hide them? …under the couch? Behind a frame?

So… where do you hide your guns? My secret? A box of fiber one in the cupboard… My kid’s won’t go near it, and the burglars don’t expect it.

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7 Badass Weapons You Can Make at Home

No Arsenal is Complete Without These DIY Survival Weapons

Want to make some awesome homemade weapons?

In a SHTF situation, you’re likely going to need a way to protect yourself.

Weapons, though very useful, are also a lot of fun–especially when you can make them yourself.

With a multitude of DIY weapon techniques mastered and under your belt, you will never be without the ability to be armed or entertained.

Check out our step by step instructions for 7 badass weapons you can make at home.

1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow

This instructional video shows step by step how to make a compound bow from inexpensive, readily available materials. Anyone can do it if you have some patience and are willing to try. This is a good project for anyone who wants to get into archery with a compound bow but doesn’t want to pay for such an expensive item. Or you could just make it to learn about how these types of bows work and gain experience working with this sort of thing.

2. Mini Cannon

Here’s how to make a mini combustion cannon sized to fire airsoft pellets. The only materials required are a BBQ lighter, a few screws, epoxy or other strong glue, and a drill.

3. Stun Gernade

Made from simple PVC pipe and baking soda and vinegar, these relatively harmless grenades are cheap and safe to use. These grenades are less for physical harm and more for their startling ability. 

4. Pump Action Rocket Gun

This inexpensive gun is a fun project and a cool item to have around. The DIY is very simple and relatively cheap as well.  The entire project, including a bunch of ammo, could easily be made for around $20.

5. Mini Stun Gun

This is a really easy project which anyone with a little soldering skills can make. All you really need is a continuous piezo electric sparker, a lighter that takes a battery. These are used to light gas BBQ’s, heaters, etc.

6. Primitive Club Tool


If stuck in the wilderness with limited resources, knowing how to make this tool could come in handy. This simple technique will quickly transform a few items into a very useful weapon and tool.

7. Pocket Dart Gun

This easy DIY will allow you to shoot your own darts out of a syringe. It won’t work for very long distances or with a huge amount of accuracy, but if your need a dart gun in a pinch it will get the job done!

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5 Easy Tips On How To Make A PVC Blow Gun

Real quick before we get started, if you don’t know how to make a PVC blow gun (or even if you do), you need to watch this video first.

Not only is this a Do-It-Yourself project, but it’s also an incredibly cheap, effective, sturdy, and FUN gun to shoot (and, best part is you can practice shooting darts at home before you get yourself into a real survival situation).

Now you might be wondering, “Well that’s great and all, but how is that really going to help me in a survival situation?” Little do you know blowguns have been used to hunt game for thousands of years. In fact, it’s one of the most primitive weapons the world has used.

You might not be able to take down a bear with one of these bad boys, mind you, but you can certainly go after small game with your own homemade blowgun and darts.

Aside from hunting game, these PVC blow guns are great for protecting your home and your garden as well. The darts are astonishingly quiet, leaving you the ability to sneak up to your window (or the perpetrator) unannounced and get their attention real quick. If you’re in a dangerous situation, this could help give you the advantage and allow you to take matters into your own hands.

I like to make things simple for you. And while written instructions for making a blowgun are useful a video with instructions is even easier to follow.

Check out how to make a pvc blowgun.

1.) Take Your Time:

The PVC blow gun fires its darts silently, so your game won’t know what’s coming until it’s too late. Plus, you can quickly fire one dart after another, so take your time and make sure to aim correctly.

2.) Get An Upgrade:

Once you’ve mastered the basics with a PVC pipe, you can move on to a steel or aluminum pipe instead. These materials are tougher than PVC, and are sturdy enough to not bend quite as easily when you’re handling it.

3.) Utilize Your Spare Time For Target Practice:

Now that you’ve made your very own weapon, you’re going to want to be sure how to use it and use it well (luckily these guys are fun to use, so you’ll want to practice). Grab an old dart board to do some target practice on your off-time; it’ll prepare you well for the long-term.

4.) Change Up Your Darts:

Nail darts are effective, but they’re not the only solution. Bamboo skewers (like for kabobs) can be used, as well as black locust wood, which is traditionally used in the southeast due to its weight and strength.

5.) Keep It SAFE:

Blow guns are fun, but they’re NOT toys. They should be treated with respect, just like any other weapon. When misfired, projectiles shot at close range can cause bleeding and infection – not to mention loss of private/public property if you hit a window (or the neighbor’s cat) by mistake. Use caution and common sense when operating this blow gun.

Now we recognize that sometimes, well, life happens. And when life happens, either the arrow doesn’t quite hit the target, the target moved, or someone was just being outright dumb.

When you think about it, and all the randomness and curveballs life throws at you, you really can’t afford tonot have one of these first-aid kits around.

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Improvised Weapon You May Not Have Considered

Improvised Weapon You May Not Have Considered


We all know that in a perfect world we will be atour bug out location with all the preparations we’ve made when disaster hits. Next worse case situation is we at least have our bug out bag with us if were on the road. We all know that you can’t always take a gun or sometimes the knives or weapons that we want with us if we have to fly, work at certain facilities, or travel in some groups for events that we have to attend for various reasons.

You know the potential problems.Something happens that kills the power or causes a major disruption and you’re left short on solutions for protecting yourself when the zombies come out of the woodwork. Something that is available at many grocery, hardware, and dollar like stores, as well as many other places where you may be able to make a cash purchase is Hornet, Wasp, or Bee Spray. I know it’s not a gun. Let’s face it. Gun purchases will be stopped in a real SHTF situation. Hornet spray is a much better solution than a knife. It’s also quiet and won’t attract attention.

Hornet Spray is not a toy. It will fire a spray up to 20 to 25 feet and you hit someone in the face with it you will blind them and if they inhale much they are dead. Unlike Pepper Spray it will stop and kill even those on various drugs that Pepper Spray will not affect. It will not go through other objects such as a bullet. This could either be a good or a bad thing.

If the shit hits the fan you can be creative in purchasing it. Most won’t think of it as a weapon. Just tell the sales clerk that you are allergic and scared of bees and you’re on your way home or wherever and almost got stung by a bee from a new hive that just appeared on your route. Most sales clerks will be sympathetic and if you have cash you can usually get a can for three to four dollars. This is a huge advantage over firearms, knives, bows and arrows. You’re just trying to protect yourself from a household pest. Most people will not think that you are purchasing or carrying a weapon.


Once you get the can, or two, do test fire the can outside so you are aware of the approximate range. Like any weapon you must know its range and effectiveness. You can carry it in your hand as you walk and most won’t consider you armed. Yes, if someone saw an old James Bond Movie and remember when he lighted up the hair spray with his lighter they may consider that you have some stupid defense idea like that in mind. Most thugs will laugh at that figuring a few flames at short-range they can put up with and still take you out.

I would recommend that if you’re in a real SHTF situation that you also wrap the can with some duct tape. It’s best if you can keep a potential attacker in the dark to what you have. In the early stages of a SHTF situation I’d recommend a bright color such as pink, neon blue, bright green. Use a sharpie and write Silly String on the can. It won’t pass for real Silly String on close inspection but to a casual observer it will work. Remember the rule: People will see what they want to see. If someone sees you carrying the can of silly string you might appear to be a bit nuts. No one will question you about carrying a can of Silly String. They may think you’ve lost it and stay away from you. Any functioning law enforcement will also most likely ignore you. If they think you’re carrying pepper spray they might want to take it from you.

In the later stages of a SHTF situation I would recommend that you wrap the can with a dark color of duct tape.

Thugs looking to take advantage of you are more likely to look at you as an easy mark and are more likely to get too close without using their weapons. If they start to make a move towards you I recommend you spray them in the face and maintain the spray till they drop. You do not threaten. You just act.

We all know the hardest part of surviving a SHTF situation  is the mental aspect of making the decision to survive. In a true SHTF situation there is always potential legal problems. But in most SHTF situations the actual number of accounting’s of holding someone responsible for the things they did are almost zilch. If you don’t believe me just look at the Rodney King Riots. The cops had people on video beating up people. How many were ever prosecuted? The few that have been prosecuted were excused of punishment regardless of the lives of others they ruined.

You can look at the Ferguson Riots. Many are on video. The step father of Michael Brown actually incited a riot. He was not even detained.

My best advice is to protect yourself the best way you can and get yourself to your safe haven. If someone attacks you be prepared and defend yourself. Do not worry about using lethal force. They are not concerned about your health of safety when they attack you.

There are some other aerosol products that may work in a closer range situation. I say closer range since the aerosol stream is not designed to shoot as far as a Hornet or Bee Spray. But it’s better than nothing and it may save your life. Most oven cleaners and car starting fluids (aerosol) are also very deadly. As you know in some situations it’s being able to identify something you can use and using it in a way to protect yourself.

If on the way out of the store you happen to notice Drano Kitchen Crystals—a red top blue can that retails for about six dollars a can I recommend you grab a couple. It can be used to take out a crowd, or someone behind cover if you can throw it into their area. You place the Drano Crystals in one bottle and tape another bottle to it with bleach. When the bottles break it creates an extremely deadly gas. Yes, I’ve known way too many people who have worked for our government in places they never were who had to make the stuff up as they went.

What are you own ideas for improvised weapons to use when SHTF?

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Many times a girl finds herself exposed. Many times a girl finds herself vulnerable. And if you like your independence (like me), you don’t like the idea of being unprepared when walking down a dark alley late at night or when you simply must stop a jerk from being a jerk! According to statistics women are twice more likely to be attacked then men. Keep calm, evaluate the situation and be prepared! If things spiral out of control, take action! All women should be able to counter aggression in order to defend themselves. I always am. How about you? Let’s have a look at some items that are easily fitted in a purse and can be more then effective in case your safety is on the line. This is what makes attackers live a living hell:

PEPPER SPRAY is probably the most common item in a girl’s arsenal. It’s what I always carry around. I got to use it once too. I can assure you: it works! It’s very effective from a distance, it can be used to subdue an attacker before he or she even get the chance to step into your personal space. Once you render your attacker unable to see, you can take your chance to flee from the confrontation or apply direct blows. Many come in small tubes, having a key chain to which you can attach your keys. Others come in larger tubes. The braver girls out there should know that large cans of bear mace are available for purchase. Some are even disguised as common lipsticks, to make it easier to reach for without attracting too much attention.


THE HONEYCOMB HAIRBRUSH made by Cold Steele is a very innocent looking blade disguised as a fully functional hairbrush. The brush head pulls off, revealing a pointy blade attached to the handle. It’s very durable and strong, as it’s made from Zytel (a stiff nylon fiberglass composite). The blade has no cutting edges. It’s meant for stabbing, not slashing. So keep in mind some arm strength is required to thrust this into flesh! An alternative to the honeycomb hairbrush is the COMB KNIFE. Its blade is similar to that of the brush, serving the same purpose.

Honeycomb Brush Honeycomb Brush Comb Knife Comb Knife

THE BRASS KNUCKLES is yet another easy to reach for item which can inflict pain upon everyone who tries to mess with you. It’s used for close combat. Slip your fingers in the holes and if your arm is strong enough you can easily knock out your attackers. As an alternative, the KUBOTAN (aka. NINJA SPIKE) can be used in a similar way. The difference is that its spikes can pierce through skin, leaving open wounds. It can also do irrecoverable damage to the eyes, so use with care and only if you must! Both of the items also come as key chains.


Brass Knuckles self-defense6 Kubotan

THE OPEN ASSIST KNIFE is a small switchblade-like weapon which can easily open with thumb. It’s not a regular switchblade, as these are illegal in most states. This tiny knife comes in many shapes and sizes. Some have regular strait blades, while others have curved blades, acting as a meat hook. Most states allow the carry of a blade no longer than 3’’. It can be used for slashing and stabbing alike and it can easily pierce through regular clothing. Best brands out there are Spyderco and Emerson.

self-defense8 Open Assist Knives

THE TASER or STUN GUN is one of the most popular choices in self defense gear. It’s small, easy to use and it renders everything with a nervous system useless in seconds. It fires an electroshock at the target via 2 electrodes of 50K V instant and 1.2K V sustained. Earlier models were only suitable for close quarter encounters, but newer models (available to police and military forces only) are capable to shoot the electrodes up to a distance of 30 feet. For those of you who value the element of surprise know that you have stun guns available, cleverly disguised as ordinary mobile phones.

self-defense9 Stun Gun self-defense-10 Stun Gun Phone

THE RUGER LIGHTWEIGHT COMPACT PISTOL (LCP) is the perfect choice for the most action loving girls out there. Is one of the smallest calibers available (.380 ammo), but it’s more then enough to even be fatal. It was released in 2008 as a back-up weapon for police forces and as a self-defense weapon for civilians. It’s small and light, weighing only 9.4 ounces. It comes with a leather holster, but it can easily be stored in a regular pocket. It’s a firearm which can be fatal if used irresponsibly, so be cautious!

self-defense-11 The LCP

You might be tempted to think that these gadgets is what give you the upper hand in a direct confrontation, but you’d be wrong. KEEPING CALM, is what will always save your skin, even if you’re unarmed. If you find yourself being the target of an aggression and you’re unarmed, remember there are many things you can use for self defense. Your skull could be the first line of defense, as in most cases women are approached from behind. You can hit his nose with the back of your had or even with the forehead, if he stands in front of you.

One of the advantages of being a woman is that most times you carry a purse around. Grab the first thing from your bag that you can turn into a weapon: a pen /pencil can be used for stabbing, keys for scratching and wounding and deodorant spray for attacking the eyes. High heels and stilettos can be used as a very efficient self defense weapon if you can manage to take your shoes of sand slip your hand inside of them. This way you can protect yourself from blade attacks and even attack yourself.

Remember: just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you’re easy prey. Fight back with everything you have!