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The Pocket Shot the Circular Slingshot

The Pocket Shot is new take on the slingshot, a natural evolution, if you will, from the traditional slingshot to a circular one that you can carry in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack, closed it measures 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches, so carry it anywhere.

It is described as a projectile launcher with a cone-shaped latex pouch that is securely attached to a fiber-reinforced composite ring, so all you do is drop your ammo into the pouch, stretch it back, and let fly.

Manufactures’ Description:

  • Up to 350 ft/second acceleration
  • Shoots slugs, Airsoft, and paintballs
  • Base ring material is fiber reinforced composite
  • Pouch material is latex
  • Includes 1 standard and 1 pro pouch
  • Also Included 100 x 1/4” slugs
  • Recommended projectile size is 1/4”-5/16” (0.64cm-0.79cm)
  • Made in the USA
  • Not a toy

It uses high-quality latex cups instead of the traditional rubber bands found on most slingshots. You can use small marbles, steel balls, small paintballs, and Airsoft ammo with the Pocket Shot Recommended sizes are 1/4 to 5/16″ in size. BB’s are not recommended, nor are stones or other irregular shaped ammo or any sharp object, because this type of ammo could tear the latex or wear it out prematurely.

I didn’t test feet per second, which would be very difficult if not impossible to do with any accuracy, without precise equipment, but the manufacturer states up to 350 feet per second, which is several times higher than most slingshots, but you would not have the same range, or I couldn’t achieve the same range that is. It would be hard to because you can only draw the latex cups back about eight inches. This is to be expected, though, the range is not as important as the wallop it packs at a short range

The manufacturer states it can stretch up to 10 inches but I imagine excessive stretching at this length will wear out the latex must faster.

It is not likely that you would attempt to bring down rabbits or turkeys at great distances anyway so you need a hard punch at short ranges for small game. Keep in mind the type of ammo you use will have an impact on this. The Pocket Shot would be ideal for survival hunting. You would have rabbits, squirrels, and birds roasting over your campfire in no time with a little practice.

The pouches will need to be replaced, and you can buy them in packs of three or eight and the pack of eight right now is 20 dollars so it’s not too costly to stock up on them at that price so you can always have spares. The standard pouch gives you between 300 and 500 shots, with fewer feet per second, however. I suspect the difference between 300 and 500 shots is in how far and how often you draw back to the maximum and types of ammo you use.

The pro pouches offer 300-350 feet per second but the number of shots per pouch is between 200 and 400, so a trade off. Harder punch, but wears out faster. You can buy the pro pouches in packs of three or eight as well, and the pack of eight is 25 dollars right now, not a bad price.

An optional Whisker Biscuit cap in orange or black can be purchased so you can fire arrows with your Pocket Shot. You would have to screw on the cap, which takes just seconds, but then, you are ready to fire. Arrows are not included, though, and you would use light 3/4 inch arrows. Arrows can shoot up to 150 feet per second.

This is not a toy even though it is typically used for recreational use, target practice in other words, but it will bring down small game, and then, when you add arrows to the mix you have a serious weapon in your hands so treat it as such. Always wear safety glasses when using and you know not to shoot steel balls or marbles at hard surfaces to prevent ricochets.

The Pocket Shot is not a novelty toy or curiosity piece.

I found my accuracy is much better with the Pocket Shot than with a traditional slingshot simply because of the way it is held. I can see myself hitting small game more consistently in the field with this one.

It is easy to carry and you can even store the ammo inside the Pocket Shot. I like the idea I can buy spare cups and keep them in my pocket too, and the changeover is quick, literally in seconds, you are ready to fire.

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